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Child Resistant Lighter Decision Extended for a Further 12 months

Photo: lighter
Photo: lighter

Commission Decision (EU) 2015/249 of the 10 February 2015 extends Decision 2006/502 EC for a further period of 12 months.

In article 6 of Decision 2006/502 EC, paragraph 2 is replaced by ‘This Decision shall apply until 11 May 2016’.

This decision takes affect from 11 May 2015. On 11 May 2006, the Commission adopted a Decision (2006/502/EC) requiring Member States to ensure that, from 1st March 2007, cigarette lighters are child-resistant when placing on the EU market. The Decision also prohibits the placing on the market of lighters which resemble objects that are particularly attractive to children; so called ‘novelty lighters’. Certain lighters such as luxury lighters are excluded from the scope of the Decision based on a number of technical criteria, but must always comply with the general safety requirements for these products.

The Decision 2006/502/EC was originally for a period of 12 months and has been extended 8 times previously and the new Decision (EU) 2015/249 is the 9th such extension.

As of the 11 March 2007:

The importation of novelty lighters is prohibited:

The definition of a novelty lighter is a lighter that: (for full definition see EN 13869)

  • Is commonly used by consumers to light cigarettes, cigars and pipes; and that
  • Resemble by any means another object commonly recognised as appealing to, or intended for use, by children younger than 51 months; or
  • Has entertaining audio effects, or
  • Has animated effects

Cigarette lighters placed on the EU market must be child resistant

With the exception of lighters which are sold with a 2 year written guarantee, are refillable and can be repaired by a European based after sales service. Lighters that are not exempt from this decision must meet the requirements of EN 13869 (Child resistance for lighters – Safety requirements and test methods) or in accordance with the testing requirements of the relevant rules of non-EU countries where child resistant requirements equivalent to those established by this decision are in force.

The requirements of Child resistant lighters are:

  • Lighters shall comply with the requirements of EN ISO. 9994
  • No Lighter shall be a novelty lighter
  • Lighters shall be resistant to successful operation by at least 85% of the child test panel when tested in accordance to clause 5

The mechanism or system of a lighter that makes the product resist successful operation by children shall:

a) Reset itself automatically after each operation of the ignition mechanism of the lighter

b) Not impair safe operation of the lighter when used in normal and convenient manner

c) Be effective for the reasonable operating life of the lighter and

d) Not be easily overridden or deactivated

Please note that a child resistant lighter is not a child proof lighter. A child resistant lighter is a lighter that at least 85% of children under 51 months of age cannot operate; meaning that up to 15% of these children may still be able to operate such a lighter.

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