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Bright Future (HKTDC Houseware, Vol 01,2002)

Vol. 1, 2002



Bright Future
Cirlite Ltd

Cutting Edge
Bunhoi Group


Bright Future

Cirlite Ltd

Cirlite Ltd specializes in custom orders for stainless-steel household accessories such as cutlery, kitchen tools and gadgets or bath and sanitary accessories.

THE bright glare requiring you to put on your sunglasses is the reflection from the satisfied smiles of clients who have purchased sparkling stainless-steel products from Cirlite Ltd.

Since 1981, Cirlite has specialized in custom orders for a variety of clients looking for such household accessories as cutlery, kitchen tools and gadgets and bath and sanitary accessories.

"We offer a full range of products to meet the household and catering needs of both big and small customers," says marketing manager Joe Chan.

Cirlite focuses on long-term relationships with clients and offers them the choice of either custom-made or in-house designs. The design approach is more modern than traditional, with clean lines and seamless details dressing up and glamourizing the industrial materials.

"Our customers find all their needs in our stainless steel. Quality spans our entire range. It is our number one issue. The most important point is to maintain the quality of our medium-range and high-end products," says Chan.

Cirlite ensures that quality standards are met through a vigilant supervision process throughout the entire manufacturing process. Random checks are routine.

"Running a factory is like running a school in that teaching and training ensure quality output," says Chan. He continues the analogy by adding: "Consistent assessments and steady achievements are the best way to ensure quality."

High-quality products enable Cirlite to use aggressive tactics at trade shows and in its marketing policies, with marketing scope being adjusted to the needs of each market.

Different markets have specialized style and design preferences. US markets favour the streamlined, stainless-steel bread bin, waste bin and seamless sanitary brush holder. Europeans favor the splash of the colour-handled cutlery and the cozy stainless-steel bread bin. Detailed designs are also important to the European market. Italians prefer a dash of colour on the handles of both cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Cirlite has about 150 standard models, but welcomes custom orders. OEM is also available, with specifications kept strictly confidential.

The company employs more than 300 staff and has a working area of 86,000 square feet in its two factories near Dongguan on the Chinese mainland. It imports stainless steel from Japan and various plastics from Taiwan and Singapore.

Export markets include Germany, Canada, Italy, the US and the UK. Cirlite would like to sell more to South American markets.

Shipment takes 60 days after order confirmation. Minimum order is 1,000 items, but in keeping with Cirlite's strong focus on long-term customer relations, adjustments can be made.

Cirlite Ltd

Units D-E, 19/F,
8 Hart Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2395-2005
Fax: 852-2390-0469
E-mail: cirlite@hkstar.com

Cutting Edge

Bunhoi Group

At Bunhoi Group, the entire range of kitchen tools and gadgets is on offer, including cutlery, cooking pots and pans, tools, gadgets and utensils.

ENDSETTER is a fitting description for both the Bunhoi Group and its chairman, Harry Jackson Wong. Both are good examples of leaders in the houseware field.

The Bunhoi Group has specialized in designing and manufacturing kitchen tools, gadgets and accessories since 1978. At Bunhoi, the entire range of kitchen tools and gadgets is on offer: cutlery, cooking pots and pans, tools, gadgets and utensils. All are manufactured in the company's 800-employee, hi-tech factory at Dongguan on the Chinese mainland.

Bunhoi has in-house workshops to support specialized technicians. Divisions within the company are dedicated to research and design, engineering, tooling, art, production and marketing, and all are coordinated using hi-tech software. Bunhoi produces both exclusive designs and OEM. The company's head office in Hong Kong focuses on business strategy, product design, marketing and other support services.

Bunhoi's chairman Wong has a consistent business strategy of focusing on "production and people", and this has led to the steady growth of the company.

Wong counts among his accomplishments such innovations as introducing coordinated packaging and innovative colour ranges to Hong Kong and popularizing modern and comfortable handles on kitchen utensils.

"Quality of materials and overall design are absolutely paramount for customer satisfaction. At the same time, relations with customers are the key to the success of my business," says Wong.

"Our goal is to maintain client relationships for the long term. I prefer one-to-one relationships with clients. This has proved beneficial to both parties."

Wong finds inspiration in talking with his clients and from personally observing consumers' shopping habits. "I use my eyes and ears to take inspiration from many areas, especially while visiting big cities."

Wong's current project is to implement a series of "boutiques" - called "shops-in-shops" - situated inside larger stores. The launch is scheduled for August 2002, with samples available at spring 2002 exhibitions.

He describes the new lines as "elegant, unique, cutting-edge, high-end and focusing on colour and overall design". The new lines will go under the brand No Logo.

As Wong puts it: "The name of a product is not important. The product itself is the key. The design, the quality and the execution are the important things.

The stainless steel used in production is sourced in Japan and the various plastics come from Taiwan and Malaysia.

Bunhoi's markets include western Europe, the US and Japan. Bunhoi also has lines that are available in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

Minimum order is 6,000 items, with shipment 60-75 days after order confirmation.


Bunhoi Group

9/F, Mirror Tower,
61 Mody Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui East,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2722-0002
Fax: 852-2721-7208
E-mail: bunhoi@netvigator.com

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