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Bodycare(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 12,2007)

Pleasing Profits

Beverley Industrial Co Ltd now offers a wide range of bodycare items in addition to existing lines such as battery-operated tools

Offering a broad range of products is a good defence against competition and loss of demand, and Beverley Industrial Co Ltd, which produces such diverse lines as power drills and bodycare items, believes it is on the right track.

A 1990-start up, the company had done its homework and launched itself with a line of miniature electric drills, mostly battery-powered. "We had prior knowledge in that line, plus a business link overseas that placed good orders," recounts Manager Simon Hui.

The drills business today has expanded into a wider range of miniature hand tools, mostly powered from 12V DC and coming with CE approval. "Models AD-628 and AD-628D electric drills both have powerful torque ratings and built-in cooling fans," says Mr Hui.

"Vibration is reduced by a ball-bearing system, there is a keyless spindle lock button, and the 628D model features an adjustable speed control system from 5,000-18,000 rpm and a three-jaw chuck. These models come with a 12V DC, 1,000mA AC/DC adaptor that is fully safety-approved."

The company boasts that its three-jaw chuck, made of the highest quality steel, is the smallest in the world and has no need for clumsy key locks.

"Production is done with precision CNC machining," Mr Hui says. "The chuck capacity ranges from 0mm to 3.17mm and it mounts directly on any tools with a standard 9/32-inchxP40 or 8mmxP0.75 spindle mount."

There is also a range of higher-end power tools more fitting for professional use, and a hobby drill stand that helps with precision grooving, drilling and routing.

Other semi-technical items on offer include battery-checking devices that in themselves do not need batteries to operate and which can check most battery types from AA, AAA, C or D size and 9V batteries. "Some models have LED indicators and others use signal-type meters," says Mr Hui. "We also have a model for car batteries."

Beverley Industrial also offers a range of money detectors, from hand-held and pocket-size to desktop models suitable for small offices. "The range is somewhat based on the needs of the different countries and the currency notes most often in use," explains Mr Hui.

"The (US-destined) Money Tester model 103 weighs just 50 grams, emits a beep sound and has a red light indication if it detects a problem. The operating principle is detection of the magnetic printing oil used on the currency," he adds. "This particular model uses a 9V battery and measures 10.7x5.3x2.5cm. Model 308 is smaller, and is powered by two AA batteries."

Turning to the firm's interest in bodycare, Mr Hui says that this is nothing new. "We actually started producing various body and beauty items for women soon after launching our miniature drills lines," he reveals. "There are certain areas where we can use the same technology and materials."

He stresses, however, that the firm is now tending to emphasise its bodycare products and lowering its exposure on small battery-powered tools. "We are simply following demand and profitability," he states. "We are enjoying good demand and less competition now."

Two new products are its nail dryer (model ND-333) and nail curing light (model ND-339). "The nail dryer features a safety fan design, while the nail curing light uses two 4W UV bulbs and is very safe and effective for curing topcoats and gels," says Mr Hui.

The former model is powered by four AA-size batteries and the latter by AC/DC adaptor, both come in coloured packaging boxes. The nail dryer measures 170x90mm and weighs160 grams, and the curing light measures 175x152mm, weighs 330 grams and comes with a GS- and UL-approved mains adaptor.

In the bodycare line, Beverley Industrial also offers My Manicurist sets, corn removers, unwanted hair trimmers, nail-care sets and massagers with changeable massage heads and another massager for facials. There are two manicure-plus pedicure sets, with seven and five attachments respectively, which come with their own carrying cases.

"To beat the competition, no matter the product or market, we tend to reach out with new product lines rather than merely adding features to what we already offer," insists Mr Hui. "We advertise a lot too."

Regarding the future, Mr Hui says that Beverley Industrial has an entirely new product line idea that, for the time being, remains a corporate secret. "We have to move into more profitable areas," he declares. "Not especially aiming at the high-end, but going where consumers express greater buying interest and where we can meet the demand by producing in large quantities."

It certainly appears that Beverley Industrial Co Ltd has the energy and will to stay the course no matter the product line.



Beverley Industrial Co Ltd
Flat B, 6/F, Phase 1
Yip Fat Ind Bldg
77 Hoi Yuen Rd
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2797-0003
Fax: 852-2341-8978
Web: www.beverley.com.hk
Year Established: 1971
Major Product Categories: drill products, nail care products, money detector products
Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: 1,000 pieces
Monthly Production Capacity: -
Delivery Time: 35 days
Factory Size & Location: 3,500 square metres; Dongguan
Workforce: 100