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Better Bags(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 09,2007)



PAQ Mfg Ltd offers a range of bags for the modern Ms and Mr, particularly bags for laptop computers and cameras
Defining its products as "functional yet fun", PAQ Mfg Ltd offers a range of bags for the modern Ms and Mr - particularly bags for laptop computers and cameras.

"PAQ Mfg Ltd was formed in 2002," says marketing manager Calvina Chan. "We manufacture and market bags under the PAQ brand name, and also handle OEM and ODM orders."

The range of bags includes shoulder bags for laptop computers, camera bags and other smaller holders for mobile phones and hand-held electronic devices. These are exported mainly to Europe. There are also CD/DVD wallets. "Each product is covered by a full warranty and they all meet with relevant international safety standards for chemicals," says Chan.

In the first instance, PAQ Mfg produced complete lines of dedicated bags to suit the various needs of end-users. That is no longer the case, and PAQ now markets different styles per function. "This enables us to offer a distinct line of differently styled laptop bags and camera bags, for example," Chan says.

"We stay right up to date with the latest devices to ensure we have a bag to match," Chan assures. "People want something stylish, but also something that fits and offers functionality. This is why we cater to demand for holders for mobile phones, PDAs, UMDs (Ultra Mobile Devices) and the popular iPods, plus other electronic devices, from MP3 players to pocket recorders."

From the outset, the firm decided to carefully build its brand image. "We wanted products that exuded high quality and usefulness, yet which also possessed an element of fun," Chan relates. "We also wanted to get away from dark shades of grey and produce more casual, colourful items."

A typical example of one of the firm's laptop bags is model L001. It is made from water-repellent 840D Dobby nylon. Described as a "city rucksack" and intended for laptops, especially the 15.4-inch screen variety, it features compartments with Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) surroundings, and has A4-size file pockets. The front pocket has three inset pockets for small accessories. The rear pocket is for files or the extension handle of the trolley case.

"The trolley handle, which can support a 60lb-plus pulling force, is adjustable from 47-57 inches, and the shoulder straps are made from seat-belt nylon with EVA/Neoprene shoulder pads." To finish off the look, there is also a 'Tap-n-Trap™ buckle'.

Another version, model BP-01001 laptop backpack, is available in four colour combinations. It is made from two-tone 600D x 600D nylon and measures 12.5x6x18 inches. "A similar model comes with trolley wheels and an adjustable silvered extension handle."

Camera bags are available for a range of models, from the SLR-type professional camera to digi-pack versions. "We manufacture camera bags in many colour combinations, mostly using 1050D nylon with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector," Chan says.

The main compartments are built-in using a mixture of velvet and EPE adjustable partition pads. There are also organisers for accessories such as batteries, memory cards, PDAs and cell phones. "The shoulder straps are made from air-mesh materials, and there are also waterproof zippers," Chan adds.

"We want to ease back on formal styles and move more towards casual bags that have a younger identity," remarks Chan. "The market is changing, and customers want fresh ideas, different materials and different styles. In the US, for example, buyers really go for colours."

PAQ Mfg is also starting to take an interest in fashionable bags. "We are looking at various options in the design and manufacture of youthful and casual bags for, say, students and people aged 12-35," says Chan. "For example, we will do beach bags and special lines for women."

The bulk of production takes place at the firm's three manufacturing facilities on the mainland that employ a total of 1,500 skilled workers. "The main plant is in Bao'An in Shenzhen. It is a joint-venture operation that employs 400 workers in its own right," says Chan.

PAQ Mfg, with its function-and-style approach, seems to have a winning line on its hands - and buyers also agree.


PAQ Mfg Ltd

Rms 1202-03,
Hung Tai Ind Bldg,
37-39 Hung To Rd,
Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2882-8284
Fax: 852-2882-8285
Web: www.paqgroup.com