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A Cut Above(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 01,2003)

Vol 1, 2003


Company Profiles

A Cut Above
Cutlery Precision Co Ltd

A Timely Harvest
Harvest Way Ltd

A Cut Above

Cutlery Precision Co Ltd

Cutlery Precision Co Ltd's finely polished heavy gauge flatware and cutlery, including its forged knife series, debuted about 10 years ago to become a flagship product

Distinctive craftsmanship, backed by advanced research and an integrated production process, has helped Cutlery Precision Co Ltd establish itself as a maker of high quality stainless steel flatware and cutlery, according to marketing manager Jonathan Fung.

"We have strived hard to achieve our reputation for quality by developing sophisticated designs through the innovative use of advanced engineering and efficient production techniques," says Fung.

Cutlery Precision's 30,000-square-metre factory, which was incorporated in 1981, on the Chinese mainland, has in-house plastics and metal workshops capable of developing the company's own production moulds.

"Our core strength is our integrated operation, which means we are in full control of everything from design, R&D, sampling and production to final delivery. Moreover, making our own moulds and dyes not only empowers us to provide quick response to customers, by finishing an initial prototype within an average of 25 days, it also guarantees a smoother production process by closely following the original design with high precision," explains Fung.

Cutlery Precision also stresses a quick response to market trends by creating at least 10 new collections each year. Besides developing new ideas for its product range, its design team also adds further value through innovative packaging concepts.

"Cutlery sets are a favourite choice for gifts, and market research tells us that consumers are very often attracted by unique packaging designs. Therefore, we put substantial effort in eye-catching packaging to draw shoppers' attention," says Fung.

Cutlery Precision's latest range includes cutlery sets in appealing aluminum cases, which perfectly complement the company's image of high quality products, Fung believes.

The company's products are mainly exported to Western Europe, which accounts for about 60% of shipments, while the US makes up the remaining 40%. Its cutlery and flatware meet relevant quality norms in the US, and most of the European safety and sanitary standards for both industrial and consumer use.

"We cater to OEM and ODM orders and also successfully launched our own 'Cutlery-Pro' brand in 2000. Many of our OEM customers are world-renowned brands which select our designs and work closely with us to develop their own lines. Many loyal customers have continued to buy from us for several years," enthuses Fung.

The finely polished heavy gauge flatware and cutlery from Cutlery Precision includes its forged knife series, which debuted about 10 years ago to become a flagship product by "boosting the overall quality standard of our factory".

"Our forged knife is meticulously engineered and designed with special emphasis on its bolster and blade. The single-piece construction is achieved by a professional hot-forging process which results in performance, durability and flexibility compatible with internationally acclaimed brands," says Fung.

He believes the forged knife will play a key role in helping the company to further develop and refine its product range.

The use of carbon stainless steel from Germany in its forged knives, combined with high quality stainless steel materials from Germany, Japan and France in its other flatware and cutlery range, will enable Cutlery Precision to produce "very competitively" priced products, he adds.


Cutlery Precision Co Ltd

C-1, 5/F, Phase 1,
Hang Fung Industrial Bldg,
2G, Hok Yuen St,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2365-2282
Fax: 852-2333-5652
Email: cutlery@netvigator.com
Web: www.cutlery-pro.com

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