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Tagged In Style(HKTDC Fashion - Fabrics & Accessories, Vol 01,2005)

Vol 1, 2005

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Tagged In Style
Top Source Industrial Ltd

Tagged In Style

Top Source Industrial Ltd

In addition to a wide range of chenille and embroidered badges, metal ware and flower brooches, Top Source Industrial Ltd now offers fashionable hang tags

Hang tags are usually basic marketing accessories attached to clothes on racks. Now, however, collecting beautiful tags has emerged as a hot hobby in Europe. As numerous high-end fashion brands respond with fancy hang tags that also serve as souvenirs, these items also form the latest line from Top Source Industrial Ltd, according to sales manager Horace Chiu.

"This is a trend that emerged over the course of the past two years or so, and insiders in the French industry note that garment accessories are like pieces of art this year," says Chiu. "Buyers are looking for special accessories, particularly hang tags featuring various materials and fabrics, woven tape and crochet."

Top Source, which is known in the industry for its wide range of intricate and high quality garment accessories, claims it can make multi-treated hang tags and patches as accessories.

"All our clients have to do is give us a rough idea and we will elaborate on it by applying different treatments such as stitching, embroidery, printing, hand-stitching, sequins or beads," says Chiu.

Furthermore, rather than compete at the low-end of the market, Top Source seeks to differentiate itself through better pricing, outstanding service and quicker response to clients' requirements.

"Our design staff go to Europe twice a year, especially the fashion centres of France and Italy, for market research and to better understand the emerging trends," he says. "This enables us to promptly provide clients with the latest fashion ideas and design concepts."

Chiu says European markets, including big fashion names in France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Sweden, account for 60% of the company's sales. The US takes the remainder.

"We see huge potential for fashion accessories in Spain following the fast expansion of Spanish labels on the global scene. Spanish firms usually place big orders, say up to one million pieces per item," he notes.

"The French demand for garment accessories is big too," he adds. "With a sophisticated domestic fashion market, fashion manufacturers in France are always in search of high quality and fancy garment accessories."

Top Source has set up a sales team in France to effectively tap market potential by developing and maintaining good relationships with various fashion brands.

"Sweden is a potential market for promotional items, with its highly developed telecommunications industry," Chiu adds.

In the US, which has a market for both garment accessories and promotional items, the company plans to set up a sales team.

Top Source is optimistic about the future. "With an increasing number of brand names skipping trading companies to deal directly with manufacturers, we see a lot of new opportunities."

Top Source made a foray into the premiums market seven years ago by opening a production line that focused on the manufacture of promotional items such as neck strings for bags or mobile phones.

Founded in 1988, Top Source has gradually expanded its production lines from woven labels to a wide variety of garment accessories by investing in advanced technology like silk-screen printing.

The company owns four factories on the southern Chinese mainland - in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan - and employs a workforce of 400. Monthly production for generic silk-screen printed items totals 1-1.2 million yards.


Top Source Industrial Ltd
Unit 6, 2/F, Hung Tai Ind Bldg,
37-39 Hung To Rd,
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2341-7366
Fax: 852-2345-8757
Email: horace@topsource.com.hk
Web: www.topsource.com.hk

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