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Stretching Out(HKTDC Fashion - Fabrics & Accessories, Vol 02,2006)

Power Profit Elastic Fabric Ltd

Power Profit Elastic Fabric Ltd produces approximately 2,500 tonnes of tape, cord and string per year
Like many of Hong Kong's successful manufacturing concerns, Power Profit Elastic Fabric Ltd owes at least some of its success to the prior existence of a successful trading company.

Its predecessor, Hang Sang Trading Co Ltd, was established in 1962 to supply accessories manufactured in Taiwan to the Hong Kong garment, handbag and shoe-making industries.

However, as those manufacturers gradually moved their factory operations to the Chinese mainland it became obvious that it also made sense to manufacture accessories on the mainland and so Power Profit was established in 1997.

"Our major markets are Europe and North America, but often, while the buyers are overseas, the factory is on the mainland," explains director and company founder Samuel Chan. "We also ship to garment factories in other countries around the region, and further afield."

Thanks to Hang Sang, Power Profit had a solid customer base from the beginning and the firm now produces five million gross or approximately 2,500 tonnes of tape, cord and string per year for a wide range of applications.

"We have a 20,000-square-metre factory in Dongguan with almost 600 workers," Chan says. "It's a joint-venture operation, equipped with the latest machinery for computerised narrow fabric weaving and warp knitting."

Power Profit's products, including Jacquard woven elastic bands and a wide range of elastic and non-elastic tapes and cords, are used for trousers, shoes, hats, bags, underwear, swimwear and sports clothing.

A lot of production involves woven lettering of brand names and logos onto elastic bands, including such household names as Jockey, Esprit, Byford and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Stretch bands are available in varying degrees of elasticity. "Our main materials are nylon, polyester, spandex and rubber," Chan explains. "We also use some lycra, but that is more expensive."

He says that Power Profit sometimes sells undyed woven tape, and sometimes the material is dyed to match the finished garment. "We have our own separate factory for dyeing, which employs about 100 people and is conveniently located near the other factory," Chan observes.

Materials sourced on the mainland and from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan are subject to rigorous quality controls and safety testing, as are finished products.

Several of the company's major product lines have certificates from Testex, an independent Swiss safety and quality-testing institute and accredited laboratory.

Chan stresses that quality is the company's first concern. "We invest strategically in both people and new technology to ensure quality, efficiency, speed of service and the ability to innovate and respond flexibly to customer requirements," he insists.

Similarly, Power Profit continually upgrades its technology and introduces new products, generally in response to customer requests.

"We are an OEM operation and known for the quality of our customer service," says Chan. "Every year we develop new products from customer ideas - if they ask us to meet a need, we try to meet it."

One of the company's latest products, a line of elastic tapes overlaid with velvet for a luxurious finish that can also be used for boxes and packages as a stylish alternative to ribbon, has already found customers in Italy. "We also supply drawstrings for bags and shoe laces, and make a lot of nylon tape for bags," Chan adds.

Power Profit prides itself on reliability and rapid turnaround times, and has built up solid relationships with regular customers over the years, working as partners in developing new lines.

"We can usually deliver samples within three days, and orders can be delivered within 3-4 weeks," Chan says, advising that the usual minimum order is 5,000 metres, or 35 gross per style. "Prices start at HK$40 or HK$50 per gross, but they vary according to the size of the order and materials involved."

Power Profit already boasts a bulging order book, but is expanding its presence at trade shows to meet new customers. "We have participated in the China Dongguan International Textile and Clothing Industry Fair since 2001 and Hong Kong Fashion Week since 2005," Chan says. "We have also participated in other mainland trade fairs."

Power Profit's business is worldwide, but its focus is on servicing the mainland's booming garment manufacturing industry and keeping right up to date with its ever-changing requirements, so its future looks bright.


Power Profit Elastic Fabric Ltd

Rm 1615, 16/F,
Fo Tan Industrial Centre,
26-28 Au Pui Wan St,
Fo Tan, New Territories,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2692-1173
Fax: 852-2695-0549
Web: www.powerprofit.com.hk