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Sophisticated Production(HKTDC Fashion - Fabrics & Accessories, Vol 02,2003)

Vol 2, 2003

Company Profiles

Sophisticated Production
Suntak Inc

All Zipped Up
SBS Zipper (HK) Co Ltd

Sophisticated Production

Suntak Inc

Sun Tak Knitting Fty makes a variety of trims and accessories for apparel and lingerie makers

Hoping to take advantage of the US government lifting quotas on Chinese mainland textile products after entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is Hong Kong-based Sun Tak Knitting Fty, a subsidiary of Suntak Inc.

Business comptroller and assistant general manager Richard Cheung says Sun Tak makes a wide range of trims and accessories for apparel and intimate wear and explains that many ultimate customers are US-based lingerie manufacturers.

"After the mainland's entry to the WTO, US companies shifted their production lines to the mainland," he says. "The US market has thus become quota-free for us, and we look forward to strong sales in accessories for items like lingerie."

Sun Tak started life in Hong Kong as a small maker of elastic products in 1980, employing just 10 people. Growth came in the mid-1980s, when the production base shifted to the mainland. However, the major changes in the operational scale took place during the early 1990s with the import of sophisticated weaving machines from Switzerland.

The company now manufactures in six own-plants located in Shenzhen and occupying a total 400,000 square metres. There are 2,000 employees.

Major lines include elastic bands, woven and printed labels, paper-based printing for packaging and hook-and-eye fasteners for lingerie. There are also other accessories and complimentary products such as gross-grain tapes, silicone coating, bows and rosettes, tapes and cords, plastic hangers and plastic accessories.

"Our research and development department works closely with designers at retailers, leading brand names and other clients to ensure we are kept informed of the latest market trends and needs," says Cheung.

"With the combination of our new technology and constantly developing techniques, we have gradually established ourselves in the global market for high quality elastics and sophisticated jacquard designs," he adds.

Cheung believes one reason for the company's success is its spirit of embracing challenges and willingness to plunge into new markets. Coupled, he states, with a strong perception of new market trends and a willingness to invest and take risks that "has enabled us to grab opportunities for growth".

That does not mean life is easy, and Cheung says that Sun Tak faces stiff competition from other low-cost countries. "However, our sophisticated machinery and highly skilled people allow us to out-compete others in terms of quality, service and speed. Our clients draw on our vast resources and experience to meet ever-changing market designs, and to enjoy faster yet more reliable deliveries of products of consistently high quality," he says.

Sun Tak is very careful of its environmental record, and Cheung says the company's products are free of harmful substances. "They are also superior in colour-fastness, dimensional stability and shrinkage standards," he adds.

Having built its own reservoir, the company is adamant that only clean water is used in its plant, thus directly ensuring the quality of its dyes. Effluent water is also handled carefully to minimise pollution.

"These measures are just a part of Sun Tak's complete quality control process, which is controlled by IT infrastructure. Our new enterprise resource system has given us a powerful set of tools to ensure full control of quality from order to delivery," Cheung adds.

"The system also helps us automate communication and streamline production processes. All of these factors contribute to making our processes faster, while guaranteeing a reliable service to our clients. It enables us to provide dedicated resources and tailor-make our services to meet our clients' specific needs, so we can concentrate on nurturing long-term relationships."


Suntak Inc

2/F, Bold Win Ind Bldg,
16-18 Wah Sing St,
Kwai Chung, New Territories,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2427-6638
Fax: 852-2480-4141
Email: suntak@suntak.com

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