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Lace(HKTDC Fashion - Fabrics & Accessories, Vol 01,2005)

Vol 1, 2005

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Wonderful Weave

A cotton torchon lace and beaded cord lace sample (in black) is typical of the range available from Loxy Global Ltd

The right variety of lace can lend an extra flourish to a well-woven cloth or garment. Many textile and garment houses know that Hong Kong is the ideal place to source lace as it offers a wide variety to suit every taste and budget.

One of the most successful suppliers is Loxy Global Ltd. Established in 1996, it now makes different varieties of lace including cotton torchon lace trimming with cross-like patterns and nylon embroidery lace.

"The torchon lace is machine-made made using cotton. The lace is therefore soft," says manager Pandora So. The Hong Kong FOB price is about US$0.30 per yard.

Loxy's nylon embroidery lace is very appealing to the eye, So says. "The lace can be more flexible in design as it is made by hand. It's a higher-end product with a smaller production volume as the manual production takes more time and not many workers know how to make it," So explains. One variety, for example, sells at US$1 per piece FOB Hong Kong.

Another of Loxy's "lace products with a difference" is a handmade variety made of black beaded cord lace, which sports curvy floral patterns. "Made of nylon and beads, this is used on evening dresses. The beads give a three-dimensional effect," So notes. It sells for US$3.5-4.00 FOB Hong Kong. "We can do different patterns of beaded cord lace or sequined cord lace," So adds.

Loxy sources raw materials mainly from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. It produces about one million units of lace trimmings every month at its 400-worker factory in Guangzhou on the mainland.

The company requires a minimum order worth US$1,000. Delivery takes 3-5 weeks after order confirmation to its main export markets in the US, Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia.

"We are trying to develop the European market for handmade lace. We are already selling to a few European customers, in Italy and Hungary," So adds.

Another expert producer of handmade lace is Wing Tat Computer Embroidery and Labels Co Ltd. "Our lace is hand-sewn, with only a few manufacturing procedures done by sewing machines," according to sales manager Anna Wu.

"We use 100% cotton. If the customer requires, we can also blend in polyester because that will make the lace stiffer and help it hold its shape better."

Wing Tat, which was set up in 1992, has a skilled workforce of about 150 at its 20,000-square-foot factory in Chaozhou in the mainland's Guangdong Province.

Using cotton sourced from the mainland and polyester from Hong Kong, the company produces 30,000-50,000 pieces of lace per month in more than 5,000 styles. "We make lace for dress trimmings, trouser trimmings, collars, patterns, and even garments such as shawls and dresses," Wu says.

Wing Tat's lace sells for HK$2-8 per yard, FOB Hong Kong, or per pair. The minimum order size is 2,000 pieces per style. Delivery takes about two weeks to the firm's major markets in the US, Japan and Europe.

For those seeking non-cotton lace styles, Sel Fung Enterprises Ltd has plenty to offer. "Our lace is mostly made of nylon and Lycra, and is soft and comfortable," says director Angel Kwok.

The materials are imported from Taiwan and Japan for processing at its 500-worker factory in Dongguan on the mainland. "Our products can meet the requirements of many countries, such as the US, France, Australia and Japan," Kwok claims.

Sel Fung, which has been in business for 12 years, has a minimum order size of 50 gross yards (7,200 yards). The company usually delivers within two weeks of order confirmation. Its main markets are the UK, the US, Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka.

As texture is an important factor in lace, Tendy Ginza Enterprise Co emphasises the smoothness and softness of its product range.

"Our lace is mainly sewn by machines. The threads we use are very fine," says administrative executive Susan Wan, who notes that many people prefer to use the company's fine lace to make baby clothes.

"People in Japan and other places like the soft texture of our lace," Wan says.

"We use mainly cotton. Sometimes we also add polypropylene [PP] to prevent shrinking, enhance elasticity, improve shape and make it more comfortable to wear."

The firm can also make lace in pure PP or silk. Other materials include rabbit and sheep hair. The raw materials are mostly sourced from the mainland, although it also imports from Japan or Southeast Asia to suit customers' requirements.

"We use Japanese computerised machines at our factories in Dongguan and Guangzhou on the southern Chinese mainland," Wan notes.

"We generally come up with 5-6 new designs every month," Wan says, adding that customers can also provide their own designs.

Orders below 1,000 yards are usually charged higher prices. Delivery normally takes two weeks.

The company sells mainly in Japan, Southeast Asia, France, the US and the mainland. The firm also has ties with existing customers to promote its products in the US and Japan, as well as Shanghai and Hangzhou on the mainland.

Hong Kong lace makers are peerless when it comes to providing the right frills to make a stunning fashion statement.


Contact Details

Loxy Global Ltd
Rm 1306
Hoi Tai Fty Estate
Kin Fat St
Tuen Mun, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2456-1181
Fax: 852-2456-1711
Web: www.loxy.com.hk
Email: sales@loxy.com.hk

Lucky Weaving Lace Co Ltd
Blks C & D, 8/F
Lung Shing Ind Bldg
142-148 Texaco Rd
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2408-7178
Fax: 852-2407-4330
Web: www.luckyweaving.com
Email: info@luckyweaving.com.hk

Papillon Ribbon & Bow (HK) Ltd
Pat Tat Ind Bldg
1 Pat Tat St
San Po Kong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2323-8818
Fax: 852-2321-9225
Web: www.papillonribbon.com
Email: bennytong@papillonhk.com

Profit Bright Industrial (HK) Co Ltd
Unit 9, 17/F
Thriving Ind'l Centre
26-38 Sha Tsui Rd
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2493-7280
Fax: 852-2493-7293
Web: www.profitbright.com
Email: info@profitbright.com

Sel Fung Enterprises Ltd
Flats A & B, 19/F
Comet Comm Bldg
42A Wing Hong St
Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2778-8565
Fax: 852-2776-1165
Web: www.selfung.com
Email: silfung@netvigator.com

Tendy Ginza Enterprise Co
Unit 510
Elite Ind Centre
883 Cheung Sha Wan Rd
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2310-4086
Fax: 852-2310-0078
Email: tendyent@on-nets.com

Wing Tat Computer Embroidery & Labels Co Ltd
Flat B, 3/F, Phase 1
Kingsway Ind Bldg
167-175 Wo Yi Hop Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2331-2862
Fax: 852-2331-2441
Web: www.wingt.com.hk
Email: sales@wingt.com.hk

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