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Well Lit(HKTDC Lighting, Vol 01,2008)

Outdoor Lights

Seven Seas Plastic Fty Ltd is well known for innovative lighting products and concentrates mainly on outdoor applications

Modern parks, courtyards, gardens and patios are becoming brighter by the moment, thanks to the efforts of Hong Kong lighting manufacturers such as Seven Seas Plastic Fty Ltd.

The firm started out in 1978, in plastic toys, but gradually changed production to lighting products such as flashlights and headlights. It is now well established in the lighting sector.

"After six years producing portable lights, we wanted to expand into the outdoor lighting market," says Sales Engineer Alice Mar.

With a view to introducing something not already available, the firm decided to go with IP68 underwater lighting. "We chose plastic for the casing as it is easy to make it perfectly waterproof," says Ms Mar.

"Our experience in handling plastics comes in very useful today as most of our lamp housings are also plastic," she adds. "At the same time, we will also use aluminium wherever possible as it has advantages in terms of lightness and heat dissipation."

Besides making decorative pool lights, the firm also started to develop general lighting products. "We tried various tactics over several years and the feedback was generally good and showed we could handle the techniques involved in LED technology. We took up the challenge, and finally started to incorporate LEDs in a number of products," Ms Mar says.

Bright future

Thus, in 2007, Seven Seas established a new division focusing on outdoor LED lighting solutions. "We went with LEDs because they are robust, rugged and durable, and we see them as the future for the lighting industry," says Ms Mar.

"Today, our main lines are LED underwater lights, garden lights, and spotlights," she adds.

The firm processes orders partly from OEMs. "For a specific construction project, these clients have very particular requirements as the design and architectural plans must be adhered to," Ms Mar points out. "It is not a case of one product fits all."

Noting that LEDs produce really brilliant light, she says she expects these types to soon be in common use in many lighting systems, including street lighting. "LEDs save energy compared with standard light bulbs - as much as 80% or even more," she claims.

"As we believe the LED is the way ahead, we will keep on developing LED lighting products. While the manufacture of light sources is relatively easy and cheap, whether halogen, HID or incandescent bulbs, we see a bright future in LEDs," she emphasises.

Better technology

Seven Seas is also developing RGB lighting products suitable for decorative purposes. "We have mastered the techniques required to handle and incorporate the control systems," Ms Mar says. "We are also developing high-powered RGB lighting products."

Confirming that three separate LEDs can be merged to produce any colour in the spectrum, she says the results are precise.

"Examples can be seen everyday in the amazing changing colours on tall buildings. They are often fabulous, and it is hard to believe that the colours are achieved by simple three-colour mixing," she enthuses. "But this approach requires a lot of programming steps, and that is what we are developing."

Using LEDs as a normal light source is not an easy task. "We have invested a lot in quality control and product development," says Ms Mar. "Our aim now is to provide quality products that improve the end-user's life style, while at the same time protecting the environment and saving energy."

Seven Seas Plastic Fty Ltd looks assured of staying in the bright light of success for a long time to come.



Seven Seas Plastic Fty Ltd
Efficiency House
35 Tai Yau St
San Po Kong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2995-9830
Fax: 852-2352-0353
Web: www.sevenseaslight.com
Year Established: 1978
Major Product Categories: outdoor LED lighting
Brands & Certificates: ISO 9001
Minimum Order: 1,200 sets or 3,600 pieces
Monthly Production: 6,000 pieces (U426M)
Delivery Time: 45 days
Factory Size & Location: 2,000 square metres; Huizhou
Workforce: 150