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The Sound Of Success(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 03,2004)

Vol 3, 2004

Hong Kong Brands

The Sound Of Success
Fujikon Industrial Co Ltd

A Shining Example
John Mfg Ltd

The Sound Of Success

Fujikon Industrial Co Ltd

Electro-acoustic accessories producer Fujikon Industrial Co Ltd has established a strong presence by tapping the seemingly insatiable demand for quality sound

Acoustic accessory products maker Fujikon Industrial Co Ltd has been riding high in recent years, thanks to the growth recorded by the digital audiovisual industry. The almost insatiable global demand for digital camcorders and cameras, as well as digital versatile disc (DVD), mini disc (MD) and MP3 players has seen the company not only offering a series of upscale products but also tapping its ODM strengths to boost its brand presence.

The positive demand for DVD players in particular has been a major growth driver in the accessories industry in the last two years, says Adam Chow, sales and marketing general manager of the publicly listed company, who believes that the trend will continue.

"Today, consumers want quality home entertainment systems. They are looking for enhanced features such as surround sound to maximise the acoustic experience," Chow says.

Thus, Fujikon's audio lines have proved to be its largest earner, followed by telecommunications and multimedia. "Our wireless, in-car and headphones business is particularly strong," Chow notes.

Amid increasing competition and low profit margins at the entry level, Fujikon has quickly moved into upmarket products. The company also realised that quality sound is not limited to the home, and tapped into the growth in car entertainment accessories as well.

"With the increasing popularity of seven-seater vehicles in the US, consumers are seeking in-car systems to entertain the children on longer journeys," says Chow. "We see strong potential for double-digit growth in this sector over the next two years."

Similarly, the increasing popularity of MP3 portables is sparking a surge in sales of Fujikon's comfortable headphones and earphones. "It's more important to have quality earphones to heighten the reception and experience of digital music," he explains.

Fujikon has also kept pace with new technology trends such as wireless Bluetooth. The company has also been researching new ways to enhance the acoustic performance of its speakers. "For example, we are looking at new hi-tech material to minimise distortion in our car accessories," says Chow.

"We are also employing a new rubberised material for added comfort for some of our headphones and headsets, as well as using different angles and diameters for ear housings."

Other interesting innovations which have boosted the Fujikon brand include its new range of one-touch retractable hi-fi stereo headphones, which are equipped with an innovative cord management system located in the earpiece.

The company has also introduced a splash-proof stereo headphone with soft, bendable ear hooks to provide added convenience and comfort.

"Other innovations include our noise cancellation headphones for frequent flyers and professional high-performance studio headphones that are ideal for DJs," Chow notes.

Fujikon understands that style is an equally essential consideration when it comes to audiovisual accessories.

"There is a trend now to combine materials, such as metal, and we are using fabric for cable covering," explains Chow. "We also offer consumers the option of changing colours and external parts."

Fujikon keeps prices competitive by manufacturing at a 91,628-square-metre factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland, which can produce three million headphones and earphones, 500,000 headsets, 300,000 microphones and 300,000 speaker systems a month. This has given the company a valuable strength in terms of fast production and short lead times, extending its market reach to serve new customers worldwide while retaining the loyalty of its existing clientele, Chow concludes.


Fujikon Industrial Co Ltd

16/F, Grand Central Plaza, Tower 1,
138 Shatin Rural Committee Rd,
Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2605-5008
Fax: 852-2694-1338
Email: marketing@fujikon.com
Web: www.fujikon.com