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Sound Business(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 01,2007)

Kayer Industrial Co Ltd


Kayer Industrial Co Ltd has been servicing regular and new customers with quality buzzers and transducers for almost 30 years

Kayer Industrial Co Ltd has been servicing regular and new customers with quality buzzers and transducers for almost 30 years. "However, we have only used the Kayer Industrial name since 1990," states marketing manager Connie Yu. "Before then, our management team had built up 14 years of manufacturing experience at another company - but we decided to change the name following the departure of some of the previous partners."

The firm's range of buzzers is quite extensive, and covers magnetic and piezo versions that also come in AC or AC/DC formats. Sizes vary from as small as 9 x 5.5mm up to as large as 50 x 38mm.

"We also make a range of transducers and telephone ringers in approximately the same formats and sizes," she adds. "A buzzer usually has an activating circuit that produces an audible sound, whereas transducers are usually used in control panels to initiate actions or take measurements."

The product range includes other small, electronic devices such as security accessories, plastic housings, magnetic switches and vibration sensors. "We also do special items, such as TV antenna boosters, in addition to PCB assembly," Yu explains. "A more specialised item is a line of auto-voice diallers with security verification destined for a buyer in the US."

Production takes place at the firm's ISO 9001-certified, 150-worker, 35,000-square-foot plant factory in Guangzhou on the Chinese mainland. "We occupy two buildings, one for general assembly and one for the plastic-injection facilities and the mould-making department," Yu says.

In fact, the list of ancillary equipment is quite impressive. "Built in 1993, the plant boasts cable manufacturing facilities including braiding and extrusion machines, and we have nine injection-moulding machines, an EDM ultrasonic welder and a tool-making room," says Yu, adding that materials and components are sourced from Japan, Europe, the US and the mainland.

"Because we have our own mould-making and plastic-injection facilities, we are better able to develop OEM products commissioned by overseas clients," Yu believes. "For example, the electronic buzzers we are now making on an OEM basis for a security systems customer in the US are quite hi-tech - yet we are able to process them entirely in-house."

She says that manufacturers on the mainland are producing with economies of scale that the average Hong Kong firm cannot match. "So we work with this phenomenon rather than against it," she insists. "To develop a new product, for example, we will seek cooperation with another firm already in that line rather than try to go it alone."

On the other hand, Yu says that Kayer is also very busy bringing out its own series of beepers, which makes production space a premium. "That's why production of small components such as those commonly used for mobile phones, for example, is better done in cooperation with other specialist factories."

Yet Kayer can also handle special client requirements. "We are assembling an entire range of buzzers from parts and components bought-in," Yu reveals. "The client had a particular requirement and supplied the circuitry and design and we purchased all the parts."

She states that the firm's policy is to continue to do what lies within its experience and production capabilities. "However, looking to the future we are developing a new range of buzzers for the automotive industry and we believe that line will be highly promising."

Yu says that price is no longer the most important factor. "Quality and services count just as much, as does prompt delivery," she maintains. "That is why we make every effort to ensure product quality and delivery fulfils a client's expectations." She says that many items are kept in stock at the firm's warehouse in Hong Kong to facilitate prompt delivery.

The firm has kept a relatively low profile thus far, preferring to work with regular clients, and has not participated in exhibitions during the past few years. "Most new customers arrive via our website," says Yu, adding that Kayer does not often advertise in magazines. "Many customers are distributors."

Kayer clearly has a strong buzz in its business and looks destined to keep buyers alert for many years to come.


Kayer Industrial Co Ltd

Unit 11, 10/F
Vanta Industrial Centre
21-33 Tai Lin Pai Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2427-0273
Fax: 852-2420-4276
Web: www.kayer.com