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Solid Connections(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 01,2009)


Wires & Cables

Kansai Cable (HK) Ltd specialises in wires for the telecommunications sector, and the firm's Japanese parent has been in the business since 1963
Despite the advances of wireless technology, hard-wired cables continue as the irreplaceable physical component in modern electronics.

This is good news for Kansai Cable (HK) Ltd, an export agent specialising in wires for the telecommunications sector. The firm's Japanese parent started out manufacturing multipair cables in 1963.

"Nowadays, our products include a wide range of 50 ohm and 75 ohm coaxial cables, multicore cables and LAN cables," says General Manager John Tsui.

"We sell mainly on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong and Macau, in addition to markets overseas," he adds. "We also provide clients with dedicated and specialised professional assistance, technical support and consultation."

Clients include some high-profile names. "We supplied low-loss cables 8D-SFA for the trunk radio system in the Wynn Casino complex in Macau," says Mr Tsui. "Our products also find application in deluxe apartments and hi-tech commercial buildings, including those in the Hong Kong Cyberport, while our multipair cables are used in the new Ma On Shan link to Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway system."

Popular products

A typical product is the low-loss type of cable as used in these intelligent buildings - 50 ohm High Foamed Polyethylene (HPEF) insulated type that features:

  • copper tape with copper wire braid promising excellent performance at high frequency, especially of Wi-Fi and WLAN systems
  • high stability for data transmission against aging
  • HPEF insulation that maintains stable VSWR (standing wave ratio) and very low attenuation loss up to 6GHz RF signal transmission
  • avoids noise interference
  • avoids UV problems
  • complies with RoHS guidelines

The problem of faulty and potentially unsafe cable is an issue with stockists and installation firms alike, and this concern is addressed by stringent quality standards in place at Kansai Cable.

The company's EM (or Eco-friendly Material) 75 ohm coaxial cable and EM series multipair cables feature:

  • extreme flame resistance - even during fires
  • very little smoke produced - which prevents secondary disasters caused by smoke
  • no dioxin, halogen or other detrimental gas emission - even in incineration
  • no soil pollution as heavy metals are not used in the jacket and sheath materials

"Equally important is the accuracy and validity of the information provided to clients to describe the performance of a cable," says Mr Tsui. "We are exacting in this area, and when we use terminology such as 'low smoke halogen free' then that is exactly what we provide."

Kansai Cable also supplies armoured cable such as zinc-plated FE-armoured communication cable with solid polyethylene insulation. "Digital signal-carrying LAN cables are in strong demand today," says Mr Tsui, "as are common RGB (polyethylene insulated RGB cable with a lead-free PVC sheath) cables that are in widespread use."

The RGB cables are used mainly with projectors. "The control cables range is supplied either with or without shielding, where the extra braiding minimises any electromagnetic interference (EMI)," Mr Tsui adds.

Meeting needs

Naturally, Kansai Cable is RoHS-compliant. "This is a must for all cables leaving our factory," Mr Tsui assures. "We can produce any type of cable according to clients' requirements, but outdoor and marine cables are two highly specialised sectors."

There is also healthy demand for cables for high-speed wireless applications. "Future demand for fourth-generation WiMax, Wi-Fi and WLAN requirements is expected to be significant, and we are set to respond to market needs," assures Mr Tsui. "Similarly, with regard to the cables used with IP security cameras."

A new line is HDTV cables, with an impedance of 75 ohms and four layers of shielding. "Cabling for HDTV digital CCTV purposes is now a hot seller," notes Mr Tsui.

Kansai Cable's R&D department keeps a very close eye on advances in technology and how they affect the needs for various cable qualities and parameters, Mr Tsui "Originating in Japan, where great care is taken with quality control, our cables are priced a bit higher than those from elsewhere," he concedes. "However, there is really no comparison with cables made on the mainland."

Kansai Cable (HK) Ltd certainly appears to be well able to meet the stringent demand for hard-wire solutions.



Kansai Cable (HK) Ltd
Flat E, 23/F, Phase II
Kingsford Ind Bldg
26-32 Kwai Hei St
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2618-1915
Fax: 852-2618-0702
Web: www.kansaicable.com
Year Established : 1991
Major Product Categories :
coaxial cables, control cables, multifunction cables, LAN cables
Brands & Certificates : Kansai; ISO 9001, ISO 14004, JIS
Minimum Order : 2,000-5,000 metres depending on model
Monthly Production : 6,000 kilometres
Delivery Time : 45 days
Factory Size & Location : 20,000 square metres
Workforce : 150