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Silicone Rubber Products(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 03,2003)

Hong Kong Electronic Components & Parts

Vol 3, 2003

Product Features

Silicone Rubber Products
Fingertip Control

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Silicone Rubber Products

Fingertip Control

Ta Yang Silicone Rubber Industrial Co Ltd offers a range of silicone rubber products for use in mobile telephones, keyboards, remote control units, calculators and fly back transformers

WE take it for granted these days, the missing "click" sound that used to be part and parcel of mechanical keyboards. Today silicone rubber silently connects us to a myriad of appliances and tools with no fuss or bother. Used ubiquitously throughout the electronics industry, Hong Kong companies have all the silicone rubber products you need.

Offering a range of silicone rubber products for use with mobile telephones, keyboards, remote control units, calculators and fly back transformers (FBT) is 12-year-old Ta Yang Silicone Rubber Industrial Co Ltd.

With annual sales of US$52m, popular products include silicone rubber keypads (DT-01), plastic and rubber assemblies (DT-02), SAM units with keypad assemblies (DT-03), membrane switches (DT-04) and anode cap assemblies (DT-05).

"We use an average of 330 tonnes of raw materials each month, the bulk of which is silicone rubber imported from Japan," says deputy general manager Mickey Wong. "We use both compression and liquid injection machines, and generally process orders within 2-3 weeks of order confirmation."

Ta Yang operates three production facilities, one in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland producing silicone rubber keypads; another making silicone ink and products for in-house use; and a third producing membrane switches, nameplates and silicone heat tubes. A plant in Huzhou supplies rubber keypads and anode caps to customers in the northern part of the mainland.

"We custom design and produce silicone rubber keypad switches and gaskets and design and cut moulds to custom requirements for many famous brand names," he says.

Major markets are equipment makers located in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, the US and Germany. Unit FOB Hong Kong prices for keypads range from US$0.05-8.00.

Another company offering silicone rubber keypads and plastic/rubber keypad assemblies is Modern Metal & Electric Ltd (MME), which has been in the electronics business for almost 35 years.

"We pioneered the development of silicone rubber keypad manufacturing in Hong Kong," claims assistant general manager (sales and marketing) Philip Chan.

Items such as negative printing, backlighting, gloss and glow-in-the-dark that are special requests at other companies are standard features at MME, he says.

"Our R&D specialists seek out new compositions and formulations of silicone rubber and translate them into new products. We also work closely with customers, transferring our research findings and know-how into their innovative product ideas," Chan adds.

"We have head offices in Hong Kong and a 250,000-square-foot production plant in Dongguan which is ISO 9001 and QS 9000-certified, employs more than 1,700 skilled workers and works 24 hours a day."

With an average monthly production capacity of 10 million keypads, MME does not have a minimum order policy and usually delivers products 3-4 weeks after order confirmation.

Major buyers are commercial and consumer equipment makers in markets such as Japan, the US and the mainland. FOB Hong Kong prices for keypads, depending upon complexity, range from US$0.06-1.00.

Yan Chuen Co Ltd also caters to OEMs and major clients in the US and Europe, having built market support in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

Established in 1992, Yan Chuen manufactures numerous technical and non-technical silicone rubber items. "If it can be made from silicone then we probably offer it," says sales manager Ivy Cheung. "We have very comprehensive processing and assembly facilities on the mainland, and we are totally committed to R&D."

Popular products include keypads for remote control units (YC-1986); keypads for sending SMS messages from mobile phones (YC-1847); backlit, laser-etched keypads for DECT telephones (YC-1916); concave keypads (YC-1972); and gaskets (YC-1966). "We also have a full range of elastometer connectors, including YP, YS and YL types, for connections between the LCD and the PCB," she adds.

Nominally, delivery is 7-14 days following order confirmation, but much depends on the product and the quantity. "We may be able to deliver ex-stock, for example, and that would cut the lead time. Conversely, a client may want us to design a prototype and tool up for a special product," she says.

Yan Chuen imports silicone rubber from Japan and transforms it into finished or semi-finished products at a 5,000-square-metre, 200-worker, ISO 9001-certified plant on the mainland. "We import only the very best silicone raw material," assures Cheung.

Another veteran of the electronics industry is Hoi Wah Industrial Co Ltd, founded in 1979. Today focusing on conductive rubber keypads, Hoi Wah delivers ex-stock

7-14 days after receiving an order. "Larger orders may take a little longer," cautions sales representative Cally Yip. "Our rubber keypads, and plastic/rubber assemblies go into a large variety of products including calculators, telephones and toys."

Typical FOB Hong Kong prices for these popular products range from US$0.06-0.50, says Yip. "Our products go to leading equipment makers worldwide."

Production takes place at a 30,000-square-foot plant in Huizhou on the mainland that employs 150 workers. Yip says Hoi Wah has an excellent reputation for service and quality, and "processes the rubber from the finest silicone imported from Japan and Taiwan".

So if you want to click with your clients in the electronics industry, check out the myriad of silent silicone rubber products available in Hong Kong.


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Bor Kee Rubber Mfg Ltd
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Hoi Wah Industrial Co Ltd
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Modern Metal & Electric Ltd
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Stand In Industrial Co Ltd
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Tel: 852-2352-6399
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Ta Yang Silicone Rubber Industrial Co Ltd
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Metro Centre II
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Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
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Tel: 852-2116-6969
Fax: 852-2795-7432
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Victory Power Electronics Co
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