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Sensors(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 03,2004)

Hong Kong Electronic Components & Parts

Vol 3, 2004

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Detecting Success

An established manufacturer of various components such as sensors, Yetda Industry Ltd believes quality and reliability are necessary for success

Sensors are vital electronic components in many household, industrial and commercial appliances. They ensure that such devices function accurately by performing a range of functions, including the detection of light, humidity, weight and gas. Hong Kong companies have built an unassailable reputation for the manufacture of high precision sensors, available at the right price and quality.

Yetda Industry Ltd has been making an array of sensors for nearly two decades. "We supply sensors for use in various electronic household appliances as well as remote control devices," says marketing executive Lamson Wong. "Our high precision sensors are much in demand worldwide, particularly from our major clients on the mainland and Hong Kong."

The electronics components maker produces about 15,000 sensors a month at its 250-worker, 5,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. "We use materials sourced from Taiwan and Japan," Wong says.

"Over the years," he adds, "our J&K brand of sensors have continually recorded increased demand from makers of household and commercial electronic appliances and we expect demand to post a strong rise over the next few years as well."

FOB Hong Kong prices for Yetda's sensors range from US$10-30 per 1,000 units. The company does not insist on a minimum order size. After receiving a confirmed order, delivery to its main clients on the mainland and in Hong Kong takes 4-7 days depending on the size and complexity of the order.

Another veteran maker of sensors is Hong Kong Aleph Co Ltd. The firm is part of Japan-based Nippon Aleph Corp, which was set up in 1935. Hong Kong Aleph makes a wide range of photo interrupter, reflective and actuator type opto sensors.

"These sensors are primarily used in office automation equipment including computers and accessories," says assistant sales manager Michael Yim. "Sold under the Aleph brand name, our sensors also play vital roles as components in fax machines, photocopiers, scanners and printers."

He says that in high precision products such as those mentioned, quality sensors make all the difference. "They ensure flawless and consistently reliable operation by performing such vital functions as judging the paper size and checking if a paper tray
is loaded or closed properly," he adds.

"Most office machinery would be rendered useless if these vital sensors failed in any way. That is why our clients have learnt to respect the Aleph brand name, which is synonymous with top quality," Yim enthuses.

Most of Aleph's sensors are original designs that use state-of-the-art technology and have won acclaim worldwide for being energy-efficient. "They also save space and design costs," he adds.

"We have time and again proved our technological capability in making sensors for a wide array of modern appliances under the strictest quality control norms," he says, adding that the company is ISO 9001-, ISO 9002- and ISO 14000-certified in addition to possessing QS 9000.

The company's Hong Kong-based subsidiary, which was set up in 1986, has a 28,700-square-metre factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. The plant employs about 2,000 workers and makes about 10 million sensors a month using components mainly sourced from Japan.

The photo interrupter sensors have FOB Hong Kong unit price tags of US$0.20-0.50, while actuator type opto sensors cost US$0.60-1.50 and reflective photo sensors cost US$0.90-3.00.

A minimum order of 5,000 pieces can be delivered in about 45 days to Aleph's major markets in the US, the Chinese mainland and Japan.

Also well known for quality sensors is E-Sun Electronics (HK) Ltd, which makes high precision motion sensors.

"We specialise in highly sensitive sensors that can detect the faintest of movements and are, therefore, used in alarms made by many leading makers of security products," says office manager Shirley Chen.

The company, which was established in 1985, makes sensors at a number of factories in Korea. "We work in cooperation with our associates there using locally sourced components," she says.

"The aim of producing our sensors in Korea is to ensure that our clients are guaranteed two unbeatable advantages: competitive prices and the best quality," she adds.

This OEM manufacturer's major Asian markets include Singapore and Malaysia. "These are two highly competitive and quality-conscious markets," Chen explains.

"In Europe, our major market is Germany where we again sell to some very demanding clients," she says, adding that E-Sun also sells its sensors to the US and Argentina.

FOB Hong Kong unit prices for motion sensors range from US$5-6. The company has a minimum order requirement of 2,000 pieces, with delivery taking about two weeks after confirmation of order.

Always in touch with the market, Hong Kong makers of sensors have thus proved adept at securing a growing client base worldwide.


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