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Pulling Power(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 08,2008)

Electrical & Electronic Appliances

Worldpole Electronics Ltd's diverse electronic products range includes (from left to right) a Touch-Screen Voice Memo Recording Calendar, an SD Card Digital Voice Recorder with MP3 and USB link and an Internet Weather Station

Buyers looking for creativity, reliability and advanced functions will be turned on by the range of appliances from Hong Kong

As consumers of electrical and electronic appliances continue to expect innovative features, greater reliability and ergonomic design, Hong Kong manufacturers are increasingly finding ways to produce items with advanced functions.

"End-users are looking for products that not only function well but also offer special features and come with a trendy product design, such as stylish unit colours and various shapes," remarks Soft Lines Int'l Ltd Marketing Manager Dede Wong.

Meeting this trend, the company offers the RolleShave Subsonic Power Razor (model AP-3VR). "This razor provides a safe and close shave without causing any skin irritation," claims Ms Wong.

The device incorporates two protection systems that act as barriers between the skin and blades. "The patented spiral-winding system offers protection during shaving in any direction, while the patented safety-guard system functions on uneven surfaces such as pimpled areas," Ms Wong explains.

"The unit's 3D triple-blade system, meanwhile, can cut hair at almost 90 degrees," she says. "Besides, it has a 'Turn N' Click' feature - with nine multi-angled blades on a roller - that provides the user with a fresh blade whenever required."

Another popular seller for Soft Lines is the Total Concept epilator (model AP-17LT), which also boasts a safety touch-control feature to prevent pinching, scratching or grabbing if the epilator head is pressed too hard onto the skin.

"The Silver Ion technology applied to the disc carrier helps eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and ensure the epilator is germ-free before the next use," Ms Wong maintains.

Also among the company's innovative offerings is the eMagine (model AP-18), a dual-head epilator with 72 tweezers. "Our eMagine epilator is fitted with the most tweezers of any model on the market," Ms Wong claims. "They are able to remove the majority of hairs the first time, saving time for the user and reducing the risk of skin irritation."

Freshening up

Putting equal emphasis on the quality of life is Handiwares Co Ltd, which offers the AromaIonizer (model 605) and the Mini Aroma Diffuser (model 604). Both provide a convenient way of filling the air with aromatic fragrances.

"With the Mini Aroma Diffuser, one enjoys a favourite scent," says Director Steven Shair. "The AromaIonizer, in addition to its aromatherapy functions, also generates ions to inhibit airborne viruses, bacteria and mould."

Both items are made of high-quality plastic resin in a mix of glossy and translucent colours, and are equipped with silent motors. "They are original in-house designs and powered by a computer (via a USB cable) or batteries," he adds.

Weather wise

Discovering what is in the air is also a key function at Worldpole Electronics Ltd. The firm's Internet weather station (model WP181) uses an online connection to obtain accurate weather forecasts and data.

"This means the sources of information are actually major weather forecasting organisations, and it can't get more accurate than that," informs Marketing Manager Simon Lee.

The device comes with a time display that can be connected to a computer wirelessly or by USB cable. "The updates are regular and accurate and can be set for most major cities or countries in the world," Mr Lee explains.

Also in the firm's catalogue is the SD Card Digital Voice Recorder (model WP-RC16). "A recorded message can be saved into one of four voice folders on a Secure Digital (SD) card, which also has a separate folder for storing music files," says Product Manager Francis Li.

She claims that Worldpole offers the recorder at a fixed price that is valid for longer periods than the market norm.

Another hot item from the company is the Touch-Screen Voice Memo Recording Calendar (model WP168), which can remind users of appointments up to a year in advance.

Measuring up

Measuring devices are also supplied by Art Fair Enterprise Ltd, which produces a range of thermometers including the In-Out Door Thermometer with LCD Alarm Clock (model 1011T).

"The unit features a big display with large digits for easy reading, and it can come in a wall-mount or desktop form," says Sales and Marketing Manager Anthony Leung.

Another hot seller for the firm is the multipurpose Kitchen Thermometer (model 1019). "This features a stainless steel probe and operates at temperatures ranging from minus 50°C to 300°C [minus 58°F to 572°F]," Mr Leung advises.

With sophisticated functions and chic looks, electrical and electronic appliances from Hong Kong look set to have strong appeal among consumers worldwide.



Art Fair Enterprise Ltd
Flat A, 19/F
Success Ind Bldg
17 Sheung Hei St
San Po Kong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
China, 528300
Tel: 852-2322-3998
Fax: 852-2726-0275
Web: www.artfair.com.hk
Year Established: 1982
Major Product Categories: digital thermometers, digital hygrometers, solar thermometers, digital kitchen thermometers, timers, bath thermometers
Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: 1,000 pieces
Monthly Production: 60,000-80,000 pieces
Delivery Time: 35-40 days
Factory Size & Location: Shenzhen
Workforce: 150
Goodway Electrical Co Ltd
2/F, Blks A & C,
Gee Chang Ind Bldg
108 Lok Shan Rd
To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2773-6889
Fax: 852-2764-3181
Web: www.goodwayhk.com
Year Established: 1982
Major Product Categories: high range of irons
Brands & Certificates: Goodway; ISO 9001
Minimum Order: 3,000 pieces per order per shipment
Monthly Production: 600,000 pieces
Delivery Time: 30-45 days
Factory Size & Location: 500,000 square feet; Bao An, Shenzhen
Workforce: 2,000
Handiwares Co Ltd
Austin Commercial Centre
4 Austin Ave
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2377-3232
Fax: 852-2377-2812
Web: www.tdcenterprise.com/handiwares
Year Established: 1977
Major Product Categories: brushes and massagers, humidifiers, aroma diffusers
Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: 1,000 units
Monthly Production: 40,000 pieces (#604), 30,000 pieces (#605)
Delivery Time: 40-60 days
Factory Size & Location: 3,000 square metres; Huizhou
Workforce: 80
Soft Lines Int'l Ltd
Rm 2208
The Metropolis Tower
10 Metropolis Drive
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2827-9497
Fax: 852-2827-0837
Web: www.emjoi.com
Year Established: 1988
Major Product Categories: epilators, razors, haircare and healthcare products
Brands & Certificates: Emjoi; CE, RoHS
Minimum Order: 5,000 pieces per model
Monthly Production: 500,000 pieces
Delivery Time: 60-90 days
Factory Size & Location: 200,000 square feet; Guangdong
Workforce: 1,000
Worldpole Electronics Ltd
Guangdong Finance Bldg
88 Connaught Rd West
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2975-8667
Fax: 852-2975-8665
Web: www.worldpole-ele.com.hk
Year Established: 1985
Major Product Categories: electronic games, touch-screen databanks, calculators, toys radios, voice recorders, stationery, OEM/ODM development
Brands & Certificates: WP; RoHS, CE, ISO 9000
Minimum Order: 3,000 pieces
Monthly Production: 150,000-200,000 pieces WP168/WP181/WP-RC16
Delivery Time: 45-60 days
Factory Size & Location: 2,000 square metres; Dongguan
Workforce: 500
Win Global Electrical Appliance Ltd
Rms 2309-10
113 Argyle St
Mong Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2713-8799
Fax: 852-2713-6121
Web: www.win-global.com
Year Established: 2001
Major Product Categories: tower fans, heaters, humidifiers, air-purifiers, juicers
Brands & Certificates: ISO 9001
Minimum Order: one FEU
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: 4-5 weeks
Factory Size & Location: -
Workforce: -