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Product Features(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 02,2002)

Hong Kong Electronic Components & Parts

Vol 2, 2002

Product Features

Power Streams
Cords, Wires & Plugs

Capable Enablers
Adaptors & Transformers

Crucial Elements


Power Streams

Cords, Wires & Plugs

A 2-in-1 worldwide travel adaptor (top), unbreakable 13A fused plugs in translucent colours (right) and a mould-on plug with cord and connector (left) all come from Winbo Industries (HK) Ltd.

DESPITE some innovations in wireless technology, the reality is that cords, wires and plugs remain integral to the modern electronic and digital world. Hong Kong-based manufacturers continue to thrive in this sector by producing quality items at attractive prices.

Gomfil Far East Ltd supplies products bearing its Gomfil and NCA brands to main markets in Europe, Latin America, Taiwan, the Chinese mainland and South Korea.

"Our advantages are a diversity of products and high quality standards, as reflected in ISO 9002 and ISO 9000 certifications," says sales executive Chris Chu.

The company offers textile, rubber, neoprene and PVC cables, as well as plugs and connectors, all with HAR European approval. Prices are available upon request. Minimum order is 1,000 units for shipment within 30 days.

"There is enormous competition, so we know that quality standards, services and prices must always be in balance," says Chu.

Gomfil Far East maintains offices or factories in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Spain. Its raw materials include PVC, rubber, copper and cotton thread from Spain, Italy, Thailand and the Chinese mainland.

Jeanleaf Int'l Ltd makes telephone-jack accessories, components and terminals. Established in 1986, this company exports mainly to Europe and Southeast Asia.

"We produce modular sockets, both UK and US versions," says sales manager Sam Leung. The company has various standard products and gladly sends samples to prospective customers worldwide.

"Our products have UL approval, and we use the best available raw materials, such as PPT shipped to our Chinese mainland factory from Taiwan," says Leung.

Jeanleaf stresses strong service and fast turnaround. It frequently ships 10 days after order confirmation. Minimum order is 10,000 pieces.

Kengo Development Ltd supplies cords, cables and lines for a multitude of uses. It has PU and PVC electric cords, special cables, curved electric lines, signal communication lines and USB 3394 DC/AC.

"In the past we produced only under our Katai brand, but now we also work on an OEM basis," says senior executive Alex Chan. After customers specify the requirements, Kengo quickly creates samples. The exact time lapse depends on complexity.

The five-year-old company has marketing headquarters in Hong Kong and a factory on the Chinese mainland producing 20 million metres of cable per month. Its high-quality raw materials come from Taiwan. Minimum order is 50,000 metres for shipment two weeks after order confirmation.

Taylor Tech Union Ltd constantly finds new ways to minimize wastage, train staff and source quality raw materials at better prices. "This is all part of our strategy in dealing with intense competition in the production of wires, cords and plugs," says sales manager Mark Wong.

Taylor Tech collects raw materials from Japan, Taiwan, the US, South Korea and the Chinese mainland. Its mainland factory creates IEEE 1394 digital cable, USB cable, flexible flat cable, panel cable and data-link cable. All meet UL and CEC standards.

The company welcomes orders from all markets. Most of its existing customers are from Asia, with 10% in the US and a similar portion in Europe.

"We produce under the AMP, JAE, JST, HR and Taylor brands, but also do OEM work," Wong says. Minimum order is negotiable. Production takes 1-3 weeks.

Established in 1969, Winbo Industries (HK) Ltd has ISO 9002 certification and plenty of experience. Its offices are in Hong Kong with a factory on the Chinese mainland.

"Competition is tough so we must provide better prices and constantly develop new products," says assistant to the director Angela Lew. The company takes pride in designing travel adaptors and recently launched a range of Japan-standard extension sockets.

Winbo's products carry the MS brand. Its range includes UK-type plugs 13A, 5A and 15A; adaptors (13A two ways); plugs with cord connectors (2.5A or 10A); extension socket outlets (one, two, four and six ways); Euro plugs with cords and on-off switches; PVC VDE flexible cords; two-in-one travel adaptors for UK users travelling worldwide; and Singapore-standard 13A plugs.

Main markets are the UK, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong. Shipment takes 14-20 days after order confirmation.


Contact Details:

Gomfil Far East Ltd
26/F, Unit 6
Modern Warehouse
6 Shing Yip St, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2790-4666
Fax: 852-2790-3939
E-mail: gfe@gomfilfareast.com

Jeanleaf Int'l Ltd
4/F, Unit 2, Int'l Plaza
20 Sheung Yuet Rd
Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2796-7238
Fax: 852-2796-7117
E-mail: jeanleaf@netvigator.com

Kengo Development Ltd
Rm 1202, Kwong Sang Hong Centre
151-153 Hoi Bun Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2790-6003
Fax: 852-2304-0101
E-mail: kengo@netvigator.com

Tai Yip Electrical Co Ltd
8/F, Unit G, Blk 2
Leader Ind Centre
188-202 Texaco Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2407-3668
Fax: 852-2407-6369
E-mail: ty@taiyip.com

Taylor Tech Union Ltd
3/F, Blk B, Ocean Ind Bldg
29 Tai Yip St, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2148-6426
Fax: 852-2148-6841
E-mail: mark@ywc.com.hk

Winbo Industries (HK) Ltd
2/F, Flat B, Kwai Fong Ind Bldg
9-15 Kwai Cheong Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2425-7678
Fax: 852-2489-9348
E-mail: info@winbo.com

Capable Enablers

Adaptors & Transformers

These high-voltage isolation transformers are from Gauss Electronics Co Ltd, a global supplier with a full range of transformers and coils.

IN most electronic and electrical devices, transformers and adaptors are essential parts. Suppliers based in Hong Kong while operating factories on the Chinese mainland combine hi-tech manufacturing techniques with competitive prices to seize a large slice of global business.

Gauss Electronics Co Ltd has more than two decades of relevant experience. About 650 workers at its production facilities in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland produce high-voltage isolation transformers, coils and adaptors. The company's factories conform to ISO 9002 standards and produce up to 2.5 million units per month.

The raw materials include ferrite cores, split bobbins, enameled copper wires, polyesters and insulation tapes from Japan, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.

Gauss adaptors and transformers become OEM equipment for use in, or with, telecoms gear, inverters and other electronic or electrical gadgets, says company representative Silon Tang.

Main markets are the US, Europe and Japan. Minimum order is about 1,000 units for shipment three weeks after order confirmation.

Kentron Industrial Co makes various OEM and custom-made switching transformers and winding coils. The company produces in Dongguan using ferrite cores, triple-insulation copper wires and insulation tapes from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Related warehousing, administration, sales and research take place in Hong Kong, where the company began in 1993.

General manager William Ho says Kentron has about 15 transformer models and can produce 35,000-50,000 pieces per model each month. For some models, monthly capacity reaches 100,000.

"We produce according to customers' requirements or existing samples," Ho says. Minimum order is 5,000 per item for shipment 25-35 days after order confirmation.

Major markets are in South America and Europe, including Italy, Switzerland and France.

Ho attributes the company's success to "guaranteed quality, excellent sales and back-up services, prompt delivery and attractive prices".

At another Dongguan factory, Fuhua Electronic (HK) Co Ltd makes power transformers, high frequency transformers, AF transformers, coils, linear adaptors and switching power supplies. This company has 1,000 employees, with sales offices not only in Hong Kong, but also in Beijing and Hangzhou on the Chinese mainland.

Fuhua Electronic uses the UE Fuhua brand and complies with the American UL standard, European norms like GS, CB or CE, and Chinese mainland standards too.

"Sustained high quality, competitive prices and designs that comply to specifications" help Fuhua in selling to customers from the US, Europe, the Chinese mainland and elsewhere, says president Howard Huang. Minimum order is 1,000 pieces for shipment 30 days after order confirmation.

Mainstar Industries Ltd specializes in modem transformers, switching-power transformers, choke coils and electro-luminescent transformers, pincushion transformers, communication transformers, audio transformers and EMI line filters. Most carry the Mainstar brand.

"For anyone needing an experienced and reliable manufacturer of transformers, Mainstar can be an important partner," says sales coordinator Karen Huang.

The 11-year-old company's 300 employees "tailor-make premium transformer products to meet the sophisticated needs of major clients in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the UK, Germany and the US. Our production is very labour intensive," she says.

Mainstar's factory at Zhenlong on the Chinese mainland can produce one million pieces per month. Raw materials like ferrite cores, toroidal cores and magnetic wires come from Taiwan, the US and Japan.

There is no specified minimum order. Shipments are 30-120 days after order confirmation, depending on the availability of raw materials.

"Since we custom-make products, the prices vary depending on processes and materials. In terms of maintaining quality, our engineering team has more than 20 years' relevant experience," Karen Huang concludes.


Fuhua Electronic (HK) Co Ltd
Flat 9H, Alpha House
27-33 Nathan Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2739-1666
Fax: 852-2739-5999
E-mail: fuhuahk@netvigator.com

Gauss Electronics Co Ltd
4/F, Units 5-8, Blk A
Vigor Ind Bldg
14 Cheung Tat Rd, Tsing Yi
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2497-0066
Fax: 852-2431-0190
E-mail: sales@gauss.com.hk

Kentron Industrial Co
Rm 1104, Po Sang Bank Bldg
33 Argyle St, Mongkok
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2687-2259
Fax: 852-2749-9660
E-mail: info@kentron.com.hk

Mainstar Industries Ltd
13/F, Blk A, Hop Ming Fty Bldg
6-10 On Yip St
Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2558-9319
Fax: 852-2557-6936
E-mail: mainstar@netvigator.com

Minwa Electronics Co Ltd
22/F, Far East Finance Centre
16 Harcourt Rd
Admiralty, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2557-3248
Fax: 852-2897-2085
E-mail: sales@minwa.com.hk

Top Leader Holdings Ltd
Rm 1707, Sterling Centre
11 Cheung Yue St, Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2785-4822
Fax: 852-2744-7808
E-mail: topleader@hknet.com

Crucial Elements


These V-chip aluminium electrolytic capacitors produced by KJ (HK) Electronics Co Ltd especially please manufacturers on the Chinese mainland.

THERE is no denying that capacitors play a crucial role in making the world of modern electronics spin. Furthermore, Hong Kong-based companies spin out some of the most reliable components.

KJ (HK) Electronics Co Ltd specializes in V-chip aluminium electrolytic capacitors intended for use in LCD monitors, modems, digital cameras, PDP televisions and scanners.

The five-year-old, ISO 9002-certified company has a 50-worker factory in Hong Kong's suburban Fanling Industrial Estate. It produces 20 million capacitors monthly, many bearing the KJ brand, from raw materials like foil, separate paper and electrolyte.

"Japan supplies 90% of our raw materials. We have no minimum-order requirement and may accept orders as small as 1,000 pieces," says vice-general manager Qiao Xuesong.

The company's biggest customers are Taiwanese-funded factories on the Chinese mainland. KJ also sells into Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Europe. Shipments depart 7-60 days after order confirmation.

"We will expand in the US and Europe, but Taiwanese enterprises manufacturing on the mainland may remain our biggest source of business," Qiao says.

"Our prices vary, depending on product size, order size and customers, but are always very competitive," adds marketing manager Christine Wong.

Xebor Co makes film capacitors using plastic film from South Korea and Germany. "These are for use in lighting products, computer power supplies, monitors and household electrical appliances. We offer standard products, but also produce to customer specifications," says sales manager Jason Lai.

Using TC and Tenta brands, the company makes about 40 million film capacitors per month. No minimum order is required. Shipment is after 2-3 weeks.

"We are strong in engineering to meet customers' requirements. We also deliver very fast. Our FOB Hong Kong prices range widely from several Hong Kong dollars per 1,000 pieces to several Hong Kong dollars per single piece," Lai says.

Xebor's biggest markets are in Europe, notably Germany and the UK. European customers account for 30% of sales. The US and Chinese mainland are also important markets.

"The Chinese mainland has good potential. We hope to increase business there from the existing 10-20% of our sales," Lai says.

Launched in 1984, Xebor has an ISO 9002-certified factory with 320 workers in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland.

"We have a comprehensive QC programme to achieve 100% defect-free production. In addition to basic tests, all our products must pass a series of strict QC tests involving heat resistance, pressure, humidity and operating time, all to ensure longer product cycles," Lai says.

"Most of our products conform to many safety standards, such as UL, CSA, VDE, DEMKO and more."

Five engineers conduct research and development to enhance quality and extend product lives. "We believe strong R&D is the central issue when competing internationally. Our technicians must never stop learning," Lai says.

Kenlott Electronics Co Ltd produces multi-layer chip capacitors with capacitance of 0.1 uF, tolerance of +80-20%, electrical characteristics of Y5V and working voltage of 50V.

Marketing manager Stephen Lam says the capacitors work well in such electronic goods as watches, mobile phones, computers and telecom products. The usual price is HK$23 (US$2.95) FOB Hong Kong per 1,000 pieces.

Under its Kenlott brand, the company makes about 200 million such capacitors monthly using ceramics from Taiwan, Japan and the US. Production is at an 820-worker factory in Panyu on the southern Chinese mainland. The factory and Hong Kong headquarters are both ISO 9001-certified.

Kenlott Electronics imposes no minimum-order requirements. Orders for existing stock depart immediately. Otherwise, the longest lead-time is four weeks.

Seven-year-old Golden Sing Industrial Co makes electrolytic, ceramic and metallized-film capacitors for use in electronic toys, irons and other household items. The raw materials include aluminium and ceramics from Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.

Marketing officer Maggie Yan says the company produces 40 million capacitors, many under the Jackcon brand, each month. Minimum order is 100,000 pieces for shipment 1-2 weeks after order confirmation. The biggest market is the US, followed by Europe, India and the Middle East.

"We will consider applying for more European certifications to prepare for future expansion," says Yan.

Golden Sing has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, plus an office and factory in Shenzhen.


Contact Details:

Golden Sing Industrial Co
15/F, Rm 11, Blk A
Veristrong Ind Centre
34-36 Au Pui Wan St, Fotan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2145-4482
Fax: 852-2692-7583
E-mail: goldsing@hkstar.com

Kenlott Electronics Co Ltd
8/F, Flat M, Houston Ind Bldg
32-40 Wang Lung St, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2408-2202
Fax: 852-2408-2723
E-mail: kenlott@kenlott.com

KJ (HK) Electronics Co Ltd
1/F, Sun Ling Plaza
30 On Kui St, Fanling
New Territories,Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2676-9138
Fax: 852-2676-9181
E-mail: cwong@kjhkelec.com.hk

Xebor Co
Rm 1018, Golden Ind Bldg
Kwai Tak St, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2481-5228
Fax: 852-2489-8936
E-mail: sales@xebor.com