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Powerful management(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 04,2003)

Vol 4, 2003

Company Profiles

Transformers in transition
Helms-Man Industrial Co Ltd

Powerful management
Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd

Powerful management

Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd

Universities and colleges are important customers for Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd, which supplies bench model transformers to laboratories

Business hasn't been as good as last year, admits Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd manager market development Danny Chung, "but there's less than a 5% difference, so for tough times it's been pretty stable".

Tough times indeed but Manson has proved robust, possibly because the company has developed its core expertise in power supplies to meet the needs of an impressive range of specialised sectors.

The company, which was established in 1983 as a producer of telephone analysers and regulated power supplies for the telephone and electronics industries in Hong Kong, has gone on to become a specialist in power electronics with a healthy business worldwide.

It now operates an ISO 9001-certified factory with a staff of more than 200 in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland, as well as maintaining engineering teams in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The company has prospered because it has always been able to identify niches it could fill. For example, it initially began making low noise power supplies geared to the needs of amateur radio operators, which, in turn, led to the development of power management systems for marine communications and for mobile telecommunications on land.

Manson has stayed abreast of technological developments, designing and building power supplies while simultaneously maintaining relationships with the industrial and academic sectors where demand for its units is steadiest.

Chung does not pretend that Manson's transformers are the cheapest available, but points out that safety and reliability have always been the company's priorities. "Our products comply with major international safety EMI and EMC directives," he adds.

Manson also develops special software to manage its most sophisticated power supplies in line with client requirements. "We sell power converters which use household electricity and convert it into direct current at a range of different voltages, so we have a full range of power supplies for different appliances," he explains. "We also have DC/DC converters which step the voltage up or down."

These are mostly used for cars, lorries and boats to power telecommunications devices and global positioning systems. "Then there are inverters that will turn DC to AC, which allows you to use a car battery for appliances that would normally run on household electricity," Chung explains.

Universities and colleges are important customers for Manson, which supplies bench model transformers to laboratories. Both the academic sector and the industrial business - where Manson provides sophisticated power supply systems for industrial printers - stay steady during economically challenging times.

The company also has a commitment to supplying well-managed power to the consumer electronics business. "We make supplies for consumer-related items such as cameras, and inverters for laptops or notebooks for use in cars and planes," explains Chung.

"Nowadays, 90% of airlines have a special outlet so that you can use laptops aboard planes, and there is a demand for lightweight adaptors that don't add too much bulk or weight to luggage."

Manson also manufactures units designed to protect expensive electronic equipment, such as the company's MEM 2101 Notebook PC Inverter that can be used in cars to safeguard a PC from voltage fluctuations and surges.

According to Chung, about 40% of the company's business is done on a private label basis, mostly for blue chip companies in the US and Japan. "Many of the components used in our transformers are also Japanese," he adds.

It has come a long way from powering equipment for amateur radio operators to today's complex electronic global positioning systems and solar power, but Manson's priorities and focus will ensure it remains a force to reckon with.


Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd

Unit A1, 12/F, Yip Fung Ind Bldg,
28-36 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2428-7802
Fax: 852-2489-2369
Email: dchung@manson.com.hk
Web: www.manson.com.hk

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