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Powerful Performers(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 01,2007)

VCD/DVD Players


This 430mm DVD player (front) complete with DivX and karaoke functions from Oxygen Ltd is popular in France, Spain, Italy and the UK

The ongoing home theatre and video revolution has seen many products, but few have the universal appeal of sophisticated CD and DVD players that let users record programmes to watch at their leisure.

Hong Kong companies were quick to respond to the demand, combining their traditional manufacturing expertise with the new technologies to produce players that offer quality, value and style at world-beating prices.

Oxygen Ltd, part of the Interforce Group, brings a breath of fresh air to the industry, designing its products with a touch of French flair that makes its technically advanced players very popular in European markets such as France, Spain, Italy and the UK.

Assistant to the managing director Florent Quercioli says that the OEM and ODM company is extremely flexible when it comes to meeting customers' requirements and continually tries to anticipate future trends.

"Some of the very latest technologies are not yet mature enough to be mass-produced, although some customers are already asking for Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) cards," Quercioli says.

Oxygen's latest DVP1216 model portable DVD player, featuring a 7-inch, TFT 16:9 screen, is packed with all the functionality normally found on larger models such as the standalone 430mm DVD1546.

Both units are manufactured at Oxygen's ISO 9001--, UL- and CE-certified factory in Panyu on the Chinese mainland and are available at approximately US$27 and US$30 per unit FOB Hong Kong. "We require minimum orders of 2,000 pieces delivered 40 days after order confirmation," Quercioli adds.

Also focusing on DVD players is Coby Mfg Co Ltd, which recently introduced the portable TF-DVD7307 model with a swivel screen that marketing executive Samuel Shum says is unit-priced at US$100 FOB Hong Kong.

"The screen rotates a full 180 degrees but the player resembles a tablet notebook when the screen is folded back, making it easy to carry," he says, adding that there is a separate video input on the device that allows it to be used as a monitor for PlayStation-style consoles.

Coby has its own Coby brand and manufactures 1,000-unit minimum orders at an ISO 9001- and 9002-certified mainland factory in Foshan that also meets UL, FCC, CE and RoHS standards.

Also CE- and RoHS-compliant is Amtronx Ltd, which has traditionally supplied white goods and small home appliances but recently expanded its product range to include DVD players.

Amtronx's products range from the remote-controlled, portable 5.1 channel PVD200, which comes complete with a 7-inch screen and is unit-priced at US$65 FOB Hong Kong, through to standalone units such as the 5.1 channel DVD 3023B that costs US$19 per piece.

Director Shyla Motwani says that many of the four-year-old firm's products bear its own Avani brand. "The normal minimum quantity averages anywhere between 2,000-2,600 pieces, depending on the size of the unit specified, but we would expect to fill a TEU," she adds, noting that delivery is 30 days after order confirmation.

Another new entrant to the VCD/DVD player field is solar panel technology and LED lighting specialist Hankey Asia (HK) Ltd, which has expanded its portfolio of products to include DVB HDD recorders that play a wide variety of disc formats and also record directly onto a built-in hard drive.

The normal capacity of an HDD is 160GB, and twin tuners mean that one channel can be watched as another is being recorded, says director Anthony Chan. "Our major markets are Europe, the US, the Middle East, Japan and Southeast Asia," he adds, noting that 500-unit minimum orders are available at variable FOB Hong Kong prices depending on the specific model. "We deliver 30 days after order confirmation."

Equally convinced of the consumer appeal of hard disk drives is Avision Int'l Ltd, whose product portfolio includes a 5.1 channel DRW-6001 DVD recorder, which can be fitted with an optional hard disk drive and high-speed dubbing to allow archiving of the drive contents directly to DVD.

Avision, which has its own Avious brand, numbers the UK, Norway, Israel, Australia and Belgium among its major export markets, says director Albert Wong. "Our FOB Hong Kong prices vary according to model, but we deliver one TEU 30-45 days after order confirmation," Wong explains.

Similarly HD-ready and supporting multiple video formats is the standalone HDMI 7001 unit from AV Link USA Ltd, which comes with Dolby 5.1 surround sound and karaoke functions.

The nine-year-old company also manufactures the KV-745, a portable VCD player that comes complete with remote control and optional FM radio, and is available in three trendy colours.

AV Link USA Ltd manufactures all kinds of AV products, many of which carry the company's own AV Link logo, at its ISO 9000-certified mainland factory in Shenzhen that covers 16,000 square metres and employs some 300 workers.

"Our minimum order requirement is 500 units delivered 30 days after order confirmation," manager K.C. Wong explains, adding that AV Link's major markets include Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Hong Kong manufacturers clearly have the VCD and DVD format in firm focus and can be relied upon to produce powerful performers that are perfectly priced to meet the needs of consumers worldwide.




Amtronx Ltd
Rm 901B
Kinwick Centre
32 Hollywood Rd
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2810-1177
Fax: 852-2833-9138
Web: www.amtronx.com

AV Link USA Ltd
3/F, Blk D
Shui Wing Ind Bldg
12-22 Tai Yuen St
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2610-0270
Fax: 852-8161-9611
Web: www.avlinkusa.com

Avision Int'l Ltd
Hong Kong & Macau Bldg
156-157 Connaught Rd Central
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2763-1122
Fax: 852-2763-1400
Web: www.avision.com.hk

Coby Mfg Co Ltd
Po Shau Centre
115 How Ming St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2753-3780
Fax; 852-2797-2122
Web: www.cobyusa.com

Hankey Asia (HK) Ltd
Rm 2301
Laurels Ind Centre
32 Tai Yau St
San Po Kong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2306-1133
Fax: 852-2322-2765
Web: www.isolar.com.hk

Oxygen Ltd
Sing Ho Finance Bldg
166-168 Gloucester Rd
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2561-4689
Fax: 852-2590-0992
Web: www.interforcegroup.com