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Number One In DVD Duplication(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 02,2003)

Vol 2, 2003

Company Profiles

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Heng Tong Electronics Co Ltd

Number One In DVD Duplication
Everbright Chung Cheong DVD Co Ltd

Number One In DVD Duplication

Everbright Chung Cheong DVD Co Ltd

These groundbreaking DVDs from Everbright Chung Cheong DVD Co Ltd can be played on standard DVD players or computers with DVD drives

Two brothers have achieved the unique distinction of running the world's leading DVD replication company. Philip and George Lam are responsible for day-to-day operations at Everbright Chung Cheong DVD Co Ltd (EBC), which operates an 11,000-square-foot production unit at Chaiwan on Hong Kong Island.

"This business is ideal for Hong Kong as it is a hi-tech operation that does not need premises on a grand scale," George Lam says. "We run a totally secure system and are the only company in the world that can guarantee a 100% no-defect product."

The company is an OEM specialist, replicating high quality DVD, DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, DVD-video, DVD-ROM for DVD-audio, DVD-games, LDM (Laser Digital Multi-Shape Disc), LDC (Laser Digital Multi-Card, with chip) and LDT (Laser Digital Multi-Ticket, with chip).

EBC, a joint venture between publicly listed China Everbright Group (Holdings) Ltd and Chung Cheong Int'l (HK) Ltd, has replicated more than two million DVD discs without a single return from a customer.

"We can give a six-month guarantee," adds Lam. "Top international companies use our replication services and our DVDs can be played in any DVD player, which means double the resolution of television, 5.1 channel audio, with eight languages and 32 multi-subtitle capabilities."

This impressive success rate is testimony to the painstaking care EBC took in developing its business, beginning with an R&D programme in 1995 and installing a fully automated production system incorporating a Class 500 'clean room' environment that began operating in 1999.

Production begins with the conversion of customer-supplied content to a master DVD (DVD5 or DVD9), which is then duplicated and tailor-made to the desired shape. "Our designers will provide state-of-the-art surface design or customers can supply their own designs," Lam adds.

EBC's latest innovations involving DVD technology are the world's first LDM, LDC and LDT DVD discs, which can be played on standard DVD players or on a computer with a DVD drive.

Billed as the new advertising media for the 21st century, these high-memory capacity DVD discs can be used for commercials, product catalogues and promotions as well as in automatic control management situations such as tickets and membership cards.

"The multi-shape DVD has more capacity than a traditional CD-ROM and it can be used in any shape required, so that it leaves potential customers with a strong impression about a company's products or services," Lam notes.

EBC can manufacture these contactless smart card DVDs in countless novelty formats - for example in the shape of an animal for children's parks - and incorporate encrypted security systems if necessary.

"We are launching our company into these new devices as a way to gain more revenue and increase business," says Lam, "and believe that they will continue our success far into the future."


Everbright Chung Cheong DVD Co Ltd

18/F, Sino Favour Centre,
1 On Yip St, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2889-8218
Fax: 852-2557-5848
Email: dvd@ebcdvd.com
Web: www.ebcdvd.com

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