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Moving Markets(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 03,2004)

Hong Kong Electronic Components & Parts

Vol 3, 2004

Company Profiles

Wired For Success
Holly Hand Enterprise Co Ltd

Moving Markets
Yoto Electronics Ltd

Moving Markets

Yoto Electronics Ltd

Yoto Electronics Ltd produces a wide range of components such as inductors, coils, adaptors and switching power supplies

Reliable quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery has enabled Yoto Electronics Ltd to develop from humble beginnings as a simple coil manufacturer to a producer of a wide array of electronic components and parts.

"We offer fixed inductors, choke coils, variable inductors, RFs, AC/DC adaptors, EMIs, EMC coils and beads, power filters and SMD power inductors,"explains manager Ken Kong.

"We also provide various application-specific transformers including power transformers, switching transformers, digital and analog communication transformers and SMD transformers."

These are used in all kinds of electrical goods, especially household appliances such as televisions, radios, LCDs, VCDs and personal electronic items like MP3 players, PDAs, digital and video cameras.

They are produced at Yoto's 20,000-square-foot factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland, which employs 700 workers and can produce 500 million electronic components each year.

OEM orders from Germany, the US and Canada account for almost 12% of Yoto's sales and consist mainly of EMI and EMC coils for sound filtering applications, and other items used in branded electrical products.

The remainder of the 13-year-old firm's sales volume is absorbed by firms in Hong Kong and factories in Asia, Europe and the US that stock Yoto's standard items.

"Our team of experienced engineers and our design and development capability have enabled us to develop our own product series, which is available under the Yoto brand name and includes chargers, adaptors and switching power supplies," Kong explains.

Kong says Yoto insists on "very stringent quality control" and adds that the company's factory has been ISO 9001-certified for three years. "Staff training also plays an equally important part in our drive to maintain good, stable quality," he adds.

Many of Yoto's products conform to the UL and CE international safety standards, which Kong believes gives customers extra guarantee of quality and encourages them to buy with confidence.

"We have an engineer in Hong Kong who supervises and centralises the application of UL certificates for our products," says Kong. "This ensures that we acquire genuine certificates for export and gives us peace of mind and additional assurance to our buyers."

Yoto sources copper wire and ferrite from Taiwan and Japan in bulk, which helps the company control costs while simultaneously smoothing production flows.

"This approach, coupled with our production management skills and responsive communication with buyers, ensures we always achieve on-time delivery," declares Kong.

Yoto's customer base has grown hand in hand with its product portfolio and the company is planning to expand its manufacturing capacity at a new site in Dongguan that will double its current space.

"We are set to boost our efficiency and quality with more advanced machinery and production lines," Kong reveals. "The new factory will begin operation in the second half of this year if everything proceeds smoothly."

He notes that Yoto's future product strategy will focus on smaller components; specifically SMD inductors and finished products encompassing switching power supplies.

"Our products are very much market-led," explains Kong. "It is obvious that as digital cameras, MP3s and PDAs become smaller and lighter, electronics components and parts have to evolve in the same direction."

Yoto already offers convenient switching, multi-voltage power supplies that accommodate the growing demands of business travellers and plans to develop a bigger manufacturing base to capitalise on the lucrative retail market for finished products on the mainland.

"We will set up more plants in Nanjing, Shanghai and Wuxi in the coming few years if our development blueprint matches our expectations,"concludes Kong.


Yoto Electronics Ltd

Unit 1, 19/F, Block A
New Trade Plaza
6 On Ping Street
Sha Tin
New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2690-3696
Fax: 852-2690-3979
Email: kenkong@yotocoils.com.hk
Web: www.yotocoils.com.hk