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Motors(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 01,2007)

Smooth Operators


Europe is the major market for Katri Far East Co Ltd's DC motors, which are mainly used in vending and coffee machines

Small electric motors drive a wide range of everyday products, and Hong Kong companies are responding with powerful designs in ever-smaller packages that also benefit from a longer, quieter and more efficient operating life.

Among several well-established firms is Katri Far East Co Ltd, which realises that the smaller motors in demand for today's stylish product designs are the best business route.

"We design and supply DC motors mainly for the vending and coffee machine market. The motors are manufactured at a factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland," explains export sales representative Paul Kwok.

"Our strength lies in our technical ability, which enables us to design models in diameters ranging from 12mm-51mm that suit nearly all of our customers' requirements," he claims.

Kwok predicts that a general industry trend will be towards even smaller motors. "In response, we have designed a 27mm diameter motor with a 29.5mm body length, as opposed to the standard 3-series length of 32.6mm," he notes. "This offers easy-fitting and space-saving benefits."

This sleek model is priced at about US$1 per piece FOB Hong Kong, with the price increasing for added components such as inductors or capacitors, for minimum orders of 5,000 pieces per model delivered 3-4 weeks after order confirmation.

Katri's major market is Italy, which takes 60% of its exports, with Germany and Switzerland also important destinations. "We are also looking at India as we believe there will be a big demand there for smaller motors," says Kwok.

The Indian market already accounts for some 10% of motor exports for Suntech Development Co Ltd, with Europe taking 30%, Japan 20% and Canada and Hong Kong the remainder, according to export manager Vivian Lau.

The ISO 9000-certified company produces DC and AC motors at its 15,000-square-metre, 500-worker factory in Shantou on the Chinese mainland.

"We offer more than 20 sizes of motors with diameters ranging from 6mm-36mm, and also cater for OEM orders," explains Lau. "Our motors are mainly used for toys. For example, we manufacture some one million units per month of model SF10 which is used for high-speed racing cars."

Lau says that over the past year the company has broadened its scope to serve the automobile market, with motors for door locks and windscreen wipers. "We are also now producing gear motors for small household appliances," she adds.

FOB Hong Kong unit prices range from US$0.12-2.00 per motor for minimum orders of 5,000 pieces delivered 3-4 weeks after order confirmation.

Meanwhile, industry veteran Hing Lung Motor Mfy produces DC motors and gearbox motors at a 1,500-square-metre, 300-worker factory in Dongguan on the mainland.

This firm's motors are used mainly for toys and household electrical appliances such as mixers and blenders, says sales manager Stanley Ko. "Our motors range from about 1cm-13cm in diameter, with the most popular size being the 2cm-4cm models used mainly for toys," he reveals. "We have about 60 different models and also cater for OEM."

Hing Lung can meet most quantity demands, producing 600,000 pieces of its DC motor model HL/101 alone per month, and Ko says the company, which produces its own Hing Lung Motor Mfy label, is constantly looking to improve quality to make its motors operate more quietly and smoothly.

"Our biggest market is Hong Kong, but other important sales areas include the US, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Singapore and the mainland," he adds. FOB Hong Kong prices range from HK$0.80-150.00 for a 13cm diameter motor suitable for use with water pumps. "Minimum order is 5,000 pieces per model delivered 30 days after order confirmation," Ko adds.

ISO 9001- and QS 9000-certified Fully Motor Co Ltd also produces high-quality DC micro motors and HVDC motors, although most of its business is DC motors.

The company produces between 600,000-800,000 motors per month at its 100,000-square-foot, 600-worker factory in Dongguan, explains sales manager Jackie Chan. These are used in a variety of applications, including home appliances, power tools, personal care products, office automation equipment and the automotive industry.

"Our motors are produced under our Fully Motor label and are usually tailor-made to customer requirements," says Chan. "They range from the 15.5mm diameter O series to the 51mm diameter 900 series."

Fully's most popular models are the 27.7mm diameter 300 series and the 35.8mm diameter 500 series, which are mainly used for home appliances such as hair-dryers, coffee machines and power tools. "We are currently focusing on fine-tuning our motors to provide longer life, energy savings and lower noise," Chan claims.

He says the company services product manufacturers and some trading companies. "About 50% of our business is supplying Hong Kong factories on the mainland, while other important markets include France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Holland, the US, Taiwan, Korea and Japan," Chan explains.

"We are looking to widen our sales into such areas as Eastern Europe, North and South America, and Asian countries such as Vietnam and India, as we see strong potential in these regions."

Fully Motor's unit prices range from US$0.50-10.00 for minimum orders of 5,000 pieces per model delivered 20-25 days after order confirmation.

Whatever the industry, manufacturers know that they can depend on strong, reliable power from Hong Kong's micro-motor producers.


Contact Details

Action Motor Mfy Ltd
Flat D, 14/F, Tak Wing Ind Bldg
3 Chun Wan Rd, Tuen Mun
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2462-6799
Fax: 852-2469-1513
Web: www.actionmotor.com.hk

Fully Motor Co Ltd
Flat J, 12/F, Gold King Ind Bldg
35-41 Tai Lin Pai Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2424-0763
Fax: 852-2480-1684
Web: www.fullymotor.com

Hing Lung Motor Mfy
Flat 1, 23/F, Front Blk
Wah Fat Ind Bldg
10-14 Kung Yip St,
Kwai Chung New Territories,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2421-8309
Fax: 852-2481-7148
Web: www.hinglungmotor.com.hk

Katri Far East Co Ltd
Units 701-3, Futura Plaza
111-113 How Ming St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2343-2866
Fax: 852-2343-0760
Web: www.katri.com.hk

Standard Motor Co Ltd
10/F, Blk A, Galaxy Fty Bldg
25-27 Luk Hop St,
San Po Kong Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2326-7670
Fax: 852-2352-6861
Web: www.standardmotor.net

Suntech Development Co Ltd
Unit M, 15/F, Wah Lik Ind Centre
459-469 Castle Peak Rd
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2490-0068
Fax: 852-2411-0865
Web: www.asiansources.com/stdevltd.co