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Looking Ahead(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 04,2008)

Portable Computers

Exon International Technology Co Ltd's innovations include an MP3 player that looks like a pendant, hi-tech rear-view mirrors and notebook computers

Riding a wave of success with its three latest cutting-edge products is Exon International Technology Co Ltd, an innovative manufacturer of portable computers, GPS devices, MP3 audio and video players, mobile phones and computer accessories.

The company's latest developments include a hi-tech rear-view mirror plus GPS that's proving a hit with overseas motorists, an eye-catching MP3 music player that looks like a necklace, and an ultra-mobile "netbook" personal computer (US$89) that's already in hot demand in the UK.

The rear-view mirror features a small camera fitted to the vehicle's rear that gives a more complete view when reversing and an audio-visual alarm that warns if an obstruction appears and counts down if the driver is reversing into a tight space.

The GPS uses the latest iGo8 3D navigation software and has a Bluetooth component that enables the driver to take hands-free phone calls, while the mirror automatically reduces its brightness at night to minimise driver distraction.

"This super-mirror has so many functions and add-ons that it takes at least 20 minutes to give would-be buyers a full rundown of its capabilities," says Marketing Director Eric Lam.

"As more drivers start using it, and word spreads of its many advantages, we expect its popularity will soon mushroom."

Exon's equally inventive iJewel MP3 music player comes in shocking pink, turquoise blue and light purple and is decorated with 50 small Czech crystals that emphasise its attractiveness.

The 50x48x7mm machine boasts a 1GB memory that can store and play up to 250 different songs, and a five-hour battery life. "The music is of professional sound quality with wonderful bass effects," Mr Lam adds.

The music automatically begins when the earplugs are connected and stops when they are removed, an innovation that Mr Lam says exemplifies Exon's commitment to creativity.

"We're a very innovative company just bursting with bright ideas," Mr Lam claims. "Our philosophy is to work harder than our clients so they don't have to work so hard."

He points to another of Exon's current best-sellers, an ultra-small 7-inch "netbook" computer that has already sold more than 200,000 units in the UK and is being sought by buyers in European countries who want the software changed to their national languages.

"At first our biggest orders came from schools in England because any schoolchild flaunting his or her mini-laptop was the envy of all their schoolmates," explains Mr Lam. "Then we got more orders from government agencies, and we are now the established leader in the field because our prices are easily the cheapest thanks to the heavy volume of sales."

He claims the PC701-LX is the "smallest and most economical laptop PC" with a full QWERTY touch-type keyboard that lets users of any age get connected anywhere, anytime.

"Weighing less than 0.65kg, the PC701-LX PC is shockproof, offers a dependable solid-state disk, a power-efficient design that provides longer operating time and a rapid start-up time," Mr Lam maintains. "No technical manual is required with the specially designed, user-friendly and intuitive Full-Flash graphic interface."

Designed for communication and digital multimedia entertainment, PC701-LX can be easily operated by the user in a virus- and malware-free Windows-friendly Linux operating system.

"The PC701-LX Mini Notebook UMPC supports mobile broadband Internet use, rich Web content and is ready to handle business tasks with an included suite of Office tools," Mr Lam adds. "It is well-equipped with productivity applications like Microsoft Office-compatible Word Processor, Excel Spreadsheet editor, PDF writer and reader and more."

The first model to be mass-produced uses the Linux operating system coupled with an Intel CPU. "This is far superior to the Ingenic XBurst systems used by our rivals," Mr Lam insists.

Exon sells its basic Linux PC701-LX model for US$89, but can supply machines using Windows CE or XP, though this involves higher prices because of the respective licensing fees of US$18.50 and US$35-40.

"We endeavour to provide our customers with quality products and personalised services that most companies fail to provide," Mr Lam concludes.

"With our strong R&D capability, excellent resource management, innovative technologies and abundant global market resources, we are an OEM/ODM manufacturer that leads the way towards excellence."



Exon International Technology Co Ltd
Suite 1702
Singga Commercial Centre
148 Connaught Rd West
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2341-2988
Fax: 852-2341-2202
Web: www.exon-technology.com

Year Established: 2004
Major Product Categories: GPS, handheld PCs, MP3s, USB drivers, mobile phones
Own Brands & Certificates: CE, FCC and RoHS
Minimum Order: -
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: -
Factory Size & Location: Shenzhen
Workforce: 1,000
Workforce: -