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Hi-Tech Progress(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 06,2007)

Electronic Lifestyle Products




Keysbond Ltd is a design, manufacturing, engineering and marketing organisation for electronic lifestyle products.

According to Keysbond Ltd executive director Mona Cheung, "In 1993, on start-up, our first products were electronic translators." Cheung also recalls that there were only one or two Hong Kong firms making such items at that time. "We had our own software and hardware engineers to manage all the development, and so our products were very successful and worked in more than 20 languages." Shortly after, she adds, Keysbond turned to electronic learning devices such as dictionaries.

Keysbond is now a design, manufacturing, engineering and marketing organisation handling mostly electronic lifestyle products. The company also provides Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) for an international clientele comprising firms in the US, Europe, Japan and Korea.

Keysbond also looks for opportunities as and when new technology emerges or existing methods change. "For example, about six years ago we began developing a line of digital cameras when most people were still using traditional film cameras," says Cheung.

"We will continue to develop these and other lifestyle-enhancing consumer products," she adds, noting that this has led to a line of MP3 (MP1 Audio Layer 3) and MP4 devices.

Keysbond's product range also includes LCD-utilising consumer electronic products such as PDAs, translators and databanks; digital media products including digital cameras, digital photo frame and wireless devices; electronic learning products; educational toys and electronic healthcare items.

Cheung says that Keysbond understands the value of protecting the intellectual property rights of customers and the higher profitability of higher-end products. "So we do not compete solely on price. There are lots of competitors on the Chinese mainland who can quote very low prices, but few who can actually make and deliver at our quality and with the additional features we can provide," assures Cheung.

"We work with OEM/ODM clients and we provide a total solution. We look after everything from the first contract to the final shipment, protect the intellectual property rights of the client, and would never disclose details to third parties," she adds.

"Our factory is well-managed and ISO 9001-certified. We employ some 2,000 personnel and all of our people are quality focused to meet our goal to do the job beyond the customer's expectations. We have stringent controls through every stage of the production process, and our return rate is almost zero."

The factory, in Guangdong Province on the mainland, covers some 15,000 square metres in two adjacent buildings. "The plant is equipped with machinery for processes such as SMT, PTH auto-insertion, BGA, flip-chip bonding, wire bonding, lead-free soldering and heat sealing," says Cheung, adding that there are the usual plastic-injection moulding, paint-spraying, silk-screen and pad-printing facilities.

"Our software approach also takes full advantage of high compression techniques to enhance the speed of processes such as the search function, as today's relatively small and simple devices can now store a lot of data," says Cheung.

"We also use enhanced display techniques. Once 2-3 lines of text and a mono LCD was the standard, whereas today we offer colourful displays with animation and sound features," she adds.

Keysbond also lays claim to being one of the first manufacturers in Hong Kong to start using 3.1 megapixel CMOS sensor technology. "Now, we are producing 8 megapixel digital cameras with 4X optical zoom technology," Cheung says. "We have the entire Kodak-approved camera manufacturing facilities in place, while wireless and Bluetooth technologies are our access to the future."

In healthcare electronics, the firm has obtained FDA and other medical-related approvals. "We have a good line in healthcare electronics and have brought down prices to more affordable levels so that people can have their own machines at home to keep track of their health levels," Cheung advises.

The company has a presence in six countries and among its 2,000 employees about 100 are R&D professionals, living and working in Germany, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

This diverse team acts as a knowledge network that enables Keysbond to stay abreast of the latest technology and market trends worldwide, in addition to maintaining a highly-competitive cost structure. The company also has a very strong procurement team, maintaining excellent relationships with international suppliers of raw materials.

"A very important development in Keysbond," Cheung says, "is our initiatives in corporate social responsibility. We are pioneering the green manufacturing practice and other efforts that enhance environmental protection. We are also fully qualified as a green partner with many world-class companies."

Keysbond certainly appears to be advancing successfully on all fronts.


Keysbond Ltd

Rms 301-310,
Phase I, Metro Centre,
32 Lam Hing St, Kowloon Bay,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2331-3821
Fax: 852-2790-3467
Web: www.keysbond.com