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Good Contacts(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 02,2007)


Dongbo Industries Ltd markets its speaker terminals (top) and Scart sockets all around the world
Connectors, in their myriad forms, are indispensable links that help keep a plethora of electronic devices in homes and workplaces functioning efficiently. Hong Kong manufacturers have secured a place in the market for their offerings, enjoying strong global demand.

Among many Hong Kong success stories is 1991-established Dongbo Industries Ltd, a manufacturer of AV connectors for radios, TV sets, car-audio systems, CD/DVD players and satellite receivers.

"We offer an extensive array of products including phone jacks, S-video jacks, pin jack boards, speaker terminal boards, DC power jacks, speaker baskets, antenna terminal boards and MIC connectors,' says managing director Lee Kwang Hee. "We also welcome custom-made requests.'

Lee stresses that Dongbo's in-house engineering and quality control teams always strive to meet production deadlines. He also believes that quality and service mark the firm's success in what he describes as a highly-competitive industry.

"We have consistently invested in top R&D to ensure staying at the technological forefront,' Lee claims. "For example, about 70% of our sales are exported to buyers from the US, Europe and Japan, where reliability rather than low price is the first priority.'

Dongbo makes connectors complying with most popularly-accepted standards, such as UL of the US, NEMKO of Norway and VDE of Germany. Raw materials such as ABS and copper are sourced from Korea and the Chinese mainland. "We use UL-approved ABS,' Lee adds.

The company has sales offices in Hong Kong and Korea, while production takes place at a ISO 9001-certified, 5,400-square-metre, 300-worker factory in Dongguan on the mainland. Monthly turnover is 250,000 units per model, while the minimum order requirement is 3,000 pieces per shipment. Delivery is 30-45 days after order confirmation.

Meanwhile, Dragon City Industries Ltd also produces audio and video accessories including connectors for TV, MIC, RF and XLR functions, in addition to USB connectors, RCA jack boards and DC power jacks.

"We know all buyers look for quality goods and competitive pricing, while we also emphasise reliability and quality,' says manager Jackie Wong, adding that the 13-year-old mainland-based manufacturer has established a worldwide sales network.

"We do testing samples for our customers as well, and the minimum order requirement is flexible,' Wong adds, noting that Dragon City exports mainly to large manufacturers and trading companies in the US, Germany and UK. "Our monthly output is about five million units, and we use RoHS-compliant raw materials so that our products meet the high environmental standards demanded by clients.' Raw materials include ABS, brass and plastic from Taiwan and the mainland.

The company's factory in Zhejiang Province is ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified, occupies a floor area of 38,000 square metres and employs 600 workers. Normal lead time is 30 days after order confirmation for minimum order values of US$1,500.

A newer company is Herwell Asia Ltd, launched in 2002, which is a specialist in the production of cables and connectors. "Our product lines are mainly for use with office and home appliances such as computers, DVDs, TVs, cable harnesses, telephones and mobile phones,' says sales manager K K Cheung.

Herwell generates an annual output worth about US$5m, and its products are exported globally. However, according to Cheung, Europe and Japan are the two dominant markets. "Clients in these two areas always expect high standards of quality, and they recognise our capability and expertise,' he claims.

Herwell has sales offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, while production takes place at a 4,000-square-metre factory in Guangdong Province on the mainland. The operation is ISO 9000-certified and employs 300-400 workers. PVC and copper are sourced from Japan, Taiwan and the mainland.

The minimum order is 1,000 units. "However, customers' requests may vary from time to time and sales terms are negotiable,' Cheung maintains. "We try to do business as efficiently and as flexibly as possible.' Delivery is 14 days after order confirmation.

Sales manager Chris Lee of Rainbow Product Development Co also sees the necessity of providing quality products and services. Launched in 2003, Rainbow manufactures cables and connectors at its 3,800-square-metre factory in Dongguan on the mainland. The ISO 9002-certified production plant is supported by more than 200 workers and generates a monthly capacity of 200,000 units.

"We do everything we can to match the needs of an ever-changing marketplace,' says Lee. "At the same time, we see increasing demand for both environmentally-friendly products and production methods.'

In response, Lee reveals that the firm's raw materials and components come from suppliers who have passed environmental tests performed by accredited laboratories. "These materials include wire, metal and plastic which are purchased from Taiwan and the mainland,' he adds.

According to Lee, Rainbow's R&D team is dedicated to refining and expanding its product lines. "We have successfully promoted a new range of L-type SATA cables, which are more stable in performance and capable of high-speed transmissions,' he reveals. "We also offer cable assemblies that incorporate our high-quality connectors in several popular configurations. These, too, are well-accepted.'

Rainbow's biggest market is the US, accounting for half of its turnover, with Europe contributing 30%, and Japan and Korea making up the balance. However, Lee stresses that the firm's ongoing effort is to explore new markets. No minimum order is required, and Lee says shipments are made two weeks or less after order confirmation.

Given Hong Kong manufacturers' competitive strengths, there is no doubt they also have all the right connections.


Featured Suppliers

Conlink Enterprises Ltd
Unit 532, Blk A, Cambridge Plaza
188 San Wan Rd, Sheung Shui

New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2754-1392
Fax: 852-2758-8436
Web: www.conlink.com.hk

Dongbo Industries Ltd
11/F, Blk Q, Everest Ind Centre
396 Kwun Tong Rd
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2793-5881
Fax: 852-2793-5549
Web: www.dong-bo.com

Dragon City Industries Ltd
Flats C & D, 15/F, Yue Cheung Centre
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Web: www.herwell-asia.com

Rainbow Product Development Co
Flat L, 15/F, Wing Hong Ind Bldg
18 Kwai Fung St, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2429-9901
Fax: 852-2429-9971
Web: www.rainbowproduct.com.hk

Tri-Mark Enterprise Co
Flats 1-5, 32/F, Enterprise Square Phase II
3 Sheung Yuet Rd, Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Web: www.trimark.com.hk