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Crystal-Clear Commitment(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 02,2005)

Hong Kong Electronic Components & Parts

Vol 2, 2005

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Crystal-Clear Commitment
Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co

Magnetic Attraction
Thai Lin Radio Coil Mfy Ltd

Crystal-Clear Commitment

Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co

Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co specialises in the research, development, manufacture and supply of quartz crystal products

A crystal-clear commitment to offering high quality, tailor-made products with prompt delivery has proved a winning formula for Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co.

The company has specialised in the research, development, manufacture and supply of quartz crystal products since it was established in 1983.

"We manufacture a variety of quartz crystals for telecom products, automobiles and electronics equipment," explains marketing manager Cheung Chun Nin.

Cheung says Gen-Worldly mainly produces HC 49/U, 49/S, 50/U, UM-1, UM-5 and SMD quartz crystals and DIP 8 and 14 oscillators, but adapts its product line to meet evolving market trends.

"As electronic devices are shrinking in size, we are also making adjustments to produce more compact quartz crystals to suit the market," he adds.

For example, the growing popularity of mobile phones, MP3 and iPod music players has seen Gen-Worldly's sales volume soar during the past decade.

The company currently sells an average of eight million units a month and can ramp up production to a maximum 13 million pieces a month if necessary.

This surging demand, coupled with shorter lead times, encouraged Gen-Worldly to add new production facilities on the Chinese mainland three years ago.

Its original plant in Shenzhen has been complemented by a factory in Sichuan Province, which together provide a total floor area of 100,000 square feet and employ 400 workers.

"We have also invested in more advanced machinery and special tooling to boost output, improve production quality and minimise the defective product rate," claims Cheung.

Gen-Worldly currently sells half of its production to Europe, the US, Japan and Southeast Asia and the rest to the mainland, where some items are utilised by overseas firms.

"As many of our customers are renowned brands, our top priority is to achieve consistent high quality," says Cheung, noting that Gen-Worldly is ISO 9002-certified.

Gen-Worldly imports raw materials for caps and base plates from Japan and solder and flux from the US to ensure that all materials conform to international standards and environmental requirements.

High quality raw materials are essential to prevent leakage that creates oxidation, explains Cheung, and the resulting higher quality quartz crystals also promise better performance when utilised in unstable environments such as automobiles.

"Hot automobile engines and vibration while travelling can seriously affect the stability of quartz crystals, causing, for example, an automobile DVD monitor to keep changing colour," he elaborates.

Cheung adds that quartz crystal is very sensitive to temperature, so the same product used in hot and cold areas will probably require a different quartz crystal.

The Gen-Worldly engineering team therefore works closely with its customers, offering professional advice and performing stringent tests to ensure its quartz crystals meet the diverse demands placed on them.

This professional advice and comprehensive customer service obviously works: more than 70% of Gen-Worldly's clients have been loyal for more than a decade.

According to Cheung, they are willing to pay a slightly higher price because they know they are actually saving the opportunity cost of using lower quality quartz crystals, which may result in faulty end products that require reassembly.

"Our prices for mass orders are very competitive and we are very flexible about minimum quantities, welcoming trial orders and quantities as low as 2,000 pieces," Cheung maintains. "Delivery depends on specifications and total quantity, but normally takes two weeks."

He adds that Gen-Worldly's own G.W. brand, which the company has produced since its inception, has also become synonymous with quality in customers' eyes.

Looking ahead, Cheung says Gen-Worldly will focus on producing the smallest quartz crystals for the SMD applications. "We will stay tuned with the newest market trends, and also plan to further explore the market potential in Europe and the US," Cheung concludes.


Gen-Worldly Quartz Crystal Co

Units 403-404, 4/F
Sun Ling Plaza
Fanling Industrial Estate
30 On Kui St, Fanling
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2675-8976
Fax: 852-2675-4792
Email: genworld@netvigator.com
Web: www.gen-worldly.com

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