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Crucial Links(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 01,2009)


Glorysky Electronics Co Ltd

Like its products that connect electrical circuits, Glorysky Electronics Co Ltd serves as a crucial link for the industry supply chain by offering first-rate PCBs and PCBAs and services aimed at meeting all customer needs.

"We have established strong ties and mutual trust with our clients, who continue to give us encouraging endorsements," says Exports Manager Haw Deng.

The ISO 9000-certified company, for example, was named the "Trustworthy Supplier of 2007" by Shenzhen INVT Electronic Co Ltd, and the "Annual Appointed Supplier for 2008" by Hylong.

"We offer one-stop solutions - from quick-turn production of PCB prototypes to mass- production of PCBs and PCBAs, including SMT and DIP types. We manufacture to specifications and provide customised services," Mr Deng says.

"We accept orders as small as US$150," he adds. "An order can be delivered in as little as 24 hours for double-sided PCBs, and 48 hours for four- and six-layered PCBs, depending on quantity and complexity."

Glorysky has come a long way since its establishment in 2000 with some 150 workers producing PCBs.

Today, the company employs about 1,000 staff manufacturing both PCBs and PCBAs under its Glorysky brand. With a turnover of RMB150 million (RMB ISom) for financial year 2007/08, Glorysky sells mainly to the US and Europe.

"We are seeing ample growth potential, especially in the US market where the demand for increasingly sophisticated consumer electronics fuels demand for PCBs and PCBAs as well," Mr Deng says.

Glorysky operates three plants - in Bao'an, Nanshan and Longgang in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland - with a total manufacturing area of 40,000 square metres.

"We have advanced manufacturing equipment, sound quality control systems, strong R&D capabilities and an experienced management team, which together make our brand synonymous with excellent products and efficient services," Mr Deng assures.

With such a long list of strengths, as well as its commitment to staying closely connected to the market, Glorysky is certainly customers' ideal choice.

Glorysky Electronics Co Ltd

4/F, H Block, Wangtang Industrial Zone,
Shigu Road, Xili Town, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, China
Tel: 86-755-8397-5361-8046
Fax: 86-755-8397-5367
Web: wwww.glorysky.com.cn