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Company Profiles(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 02,2002)

Hong Kong Electronic Components & Parts

Vol 2, 2002

Company Profiles

Small And Precise
Frameway Group

Sink(ing) To The Top
Shun Fu Metal Products


Small And Precise

Frameway Group

Frameway Group, using the latest Japanese technology, produces dies and metal parts so tiny and precise that many large companies cannot make them.

COMPANY director Paul Yam says the Frameway Group has become synonymous with the production of precision metal parts for the information technology and electronics sectors.

Frameway specializes in making dies and tiny metal parts for use in computers, audiovisual equipment, printers, cameras, mobile phones, videogame consoles and other IT or electronic products.

"When designing and producing new products, manufacturers based in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland turn to us with their most demanding orders for making dies and precision metal parts," Yam says.

Frameway produces in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland for proximity to the makers of IT and electronic products who use its technical expertise in making dies and metal stamping.

"Our major clients are OEM manufacturers on the Chinese mainland, mostly Japanese companies, but also European and mainland enterprises," Yam says.

Established in 1986 as Frameway Industries Ltd, the Frameway Group has become a much larger enterprise with five subsidiaries. It developed a niche in using transfer-pressing machines, notably for creating the casing for micro-motors.

"About half our production is devoted to using transfer presses and dies to produce casing for micro-motors," Yam says.

Spurred by rising demand, Frameway has opened another Shenzhen factory featuring all the latest technical know-how from Japan.

Frameway carefully updates its technology through regular and substantial investments in plants and machinery. Making the most of modest mainland costs, it can offer extremely competitive prices.

Various factors help to distinguish the company. "We use the latest Japanese technology and advanced equipment to make dies and metal parts so tiny and precise many large companies cannot make them. So they are happy to outsource the production of these precision parts to us," Yam says.

Frameway is in a select group of ISO 9002-certified precision-parts makers. Its wide range of equipment, from parts-making presses to advanced measuring instruments, ensures high quality.

"By offering everything from dies-making to the production of finished precision parts, we can give customers a one-stop solution. This enhances our control over both quality and time lines," Yam says.


Frameway Group
Units 4-8, 3/F
Vigor Ind Bldg, Block A
14-20 Cheung Tat Rd
Tsing Yi Island
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2497-6113
Fax: 852-2433-0168
E-mail: paulyam@frameway.com.hk

Sink(ing) To The Top

Shun Fu Metal Products

Innovative designs, robust quality and attractive pricing make Shun Fu Metal Products Co Ltd a leading supplier of heat sinks, panels and casings.

AS global demand for PCs peaked in the late 1990s, component manufacturer King Lung Industrial Co Ltd of Taiwan, a specialist in computer heat sinks and coolers, saw an opportunity to expand in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

"Due to strong demand for heat sinks on the Chinese mainland, we set up Shun Fu Metal Fty in 1997. So far, we have invested more than HK$40m (US$5.1m) on the mainland," says Samantha Lam, a Hong Kong-based sales manager for Shun Fu Metal Products Co Ltd.

"We now have two mainland factories in Dongguan, near our offices in Hong Kong. One produces for the overseas market and the other for the Chinese mainland market," says Lam.

As a result, Shun Fu employs 1,700 workers in Dongguan, but only about 70 at its remaining Taiwan factory. The latter handles only small orders or samples.

"When we started near Hong Kong on the Chinese mainland, we had only 200 workers and monthly sales of about HK$1m (US$128,000). Now we do about HK$20m (US$2.6m) per month," adds Lam.

Since 1997, Shun Fu has become a leading Asian maker of heat sinks. Innovative designs, robust quality and aggressive pricing make its products attractive.

"We have large manufacturing capacity and were among the earliest to make aluminium heat sinks," says Lam.

"Because the entire process is in-house, we can maintain high quality and reasonable prices. We invest in the latest technology for producing heat sinks and make a big effort to keep up with the computer industry. We have a wide range of prices from low- to high-end, but quality is always maintained," Lam says.

The company has ISO 9002 certification and a 60-member QC department. Quality control begins with raw materials and continues through production.

"We work with clients on new designs and products. Our support team studies and develops new designs before mass production," says Lam.

Shun Fu also makes panels and casings for video and audio devices. Both OEM and ODM projects are welcome.


Shun Fu Metal Products Co Ltd
15/F, Rm A
Hop Shing Commercial Bldg
41-43 Chi Kiang St, To Kwa Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2780-8682
Fax: 852-2362-0882
E-mail: sales@shunfu.com.hk
Web: www.shunfu.com.hk