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Advanced Peripherals(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 05,2002)

Vol 5, 2002

Company Profiles

Advanced Peripherals
Heng Yu Technology (HK) Ltd

Staying Ahead Of The Curve
Shell Electric Mfg (Holdings) Co Ltd

Advanced Peripherals

Heng Yu Technology (HK) Ltd

Services from Heng Yu Technology (HK) Ltd extend all the way from design to production and testing of data-input devices for electronic transactions.

ALWAYS helpful, Heng Yu Technology (HK) Ltd strives to increase the competitiveness of its customers by reducing product development cycles and manufacturing costs.

As a reliable, fast-response contract-manufacturing partner, Heng Yu has a strong research and development team offering advanced products consistent with fast-changing technology.

The company is developing a thin client-embedded Linux terminal which looks set to replace the existing front-end PC terminals used by bank tellers, travel booking agents, hotel check-in staff and airport operators.

Established as an OEM/ODM manufacturer for banking terminal keyboards in 1990, Heng Yu won a Best Computer Peripheral Award from the Chinese mainland's Electronics Industry Society in 1995.

"Through continuous efforts in product design and quality control, we attract the attention of large banking-system integrators and become their contract manufacturer for terminal keyboards," says sales/research vice president Alex Chan.

"Customers' success in marketing the products helped us to gain a 70% market share for terminal keyboards on the mainland," he adds.

Heng Yu extends its reach to design various pinpads, POS keyboards and terminals, smart card readers and biometric products.

"We provide a lot of value-added POS programmable keyboards for POS-system providers," Chan says. "Customers enjoy the quality of our waterproof, value-added POS keyboards without paying too much investment cost."

With data security increasingly important in the cyber world, Heng Yu integrated biometric recognition devices, such as fingerprint identification units, into its products.

Using biometric and smart-card technology, Heng Yu provides "easy-to-carry but unforgettable" authentication solutions. "Our fingerprint identification has been adopted by the Chinese government as the future biometric ID-card recognition device," Chan says.

This year, Heng Yu advanced from SGS certification ISO 9002 to ISO 9001 (2000 version). "We can design value-added keyboards and pinpads according to specific customer requirements," Chan says.

Heng Yu's "HengKe Technology Campus" in Zhuhai on the Chinese mainland devotes 16,800 square metres to production. A central air-conditioning system maintains a dust-free environment. A nearby airport and deep-water port facilitate shipments.

"Our contract manufacturing services extend from product design to manufacturing, specializing in the design and production of data input devices for processing electronic transactions," says Chan.

"After hearing customers' requirements, our skilful engineers help do the hardware electronics design, firmware programming and structural design. Then we use digital laser punching and CNC to create a fast prototype to give customers a better idea of the design and to facilitate initial marketing."

Once product design is confirmed, Heng Yu does the necessary tooling.


Heng Yu Technology (HK) Ltd

Rm 1004, Hanson Commercial Bldg,
800 Nathan Rd, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2394-1852
Fax: 852-2394-1865
E-mail: sales@hengyu-tech.com
Web: www.hengyu-tech.com

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