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A Shining Success(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 04,2004)

Vol 4, 2004

Hong Kong Brands

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Carich Time Ltd

A Shining Success
Neon King Ltd

A Shining Success

Neon King Ltd

Neon King Ltd is a pioneer in the lighting industry, which is now very competitive

Decorative lighting has become a pleasing part of daily life, adding joy and excitement during festive occasions and boosting business when serving as marketing tools. The popularity of these innovative products has resulted in fierce competition, with many companies jostling for a slice of the market.

Decorative lighting industry pioneer Neon King Ltd maintains its competitive edge through innovative ideas and a strong brand name, says founder and director Charles Tsui.

The company's Neon King brand name was introduced in 1987, along with the launch of rope lighting, which features a series of incandescent lamps encased in a solid, transparent PVC tube that allows it to be bent into any shape. The tube provides sturdy protection against damage and will not break even if it is stepped on.

"At Neon King, we chose to use our own brand at an early stage of business because the products are unique. We also launched extensive marketing promotions to popularise the brand," Tsui explains.

Over the years, the company assiduously built its reputation, enabling Neon King to become the premier decorative lighting brand in Europe, he claims, as its products eventually gained a strong global presence.

For example, houseware DIY shops in the UK, Canada and the US have Neon King's products on their shelves.

Innovation has been one of the key elements in the company's success. Its R&D team continually produces innovative and creative decorative lighting systems to help the company retain its pioneering position in a highly competitive market.

Patents in major markets such as France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Japan and Taiwan protect all Neon King products, Tsui notes. The group has also secured more than 40 patents on the Chinese mainland.

Neon King makes more than 10 new products each year, some of which are developed after absorbing ideas and comments from customers. The innovative lighting products, the company observes, are designed for practical applications with easy-to-use features for the convenience of customers.

Tsui, who also wears the hat of designer, created rope lighting. Two years ago, he successfully developed an LED semiconductor for use as an ordinary bulb in decorative lighting systems. He also introduced Joy Light, which comes in the form of a curtain of light lines.

Tsui says Neon King is the first company in the industry to replace ordinary light bulbs with LEDs in decorative lighting. The LED has a low electricity consumption rating, giving the new product an energy saving advantage, he adds.

The low wattage operation means the lighting can operate from battery sources and offer better safety. The product also has a longer lifespan.

High quality and competitive pricing are other critical factors behind Neon King's success, Tsui explains. "We manufacture and check every light bulb on every light string and source the highest quality materials from around the world to produce the best and most reliable lighting systems to customers," he claims.

ISO 9001 certification is cited as proof of the company's commitment, and success, in producing quality products. "It is critical for a company to make sustained efforts to promote its brand in order to gain market recognition," Tsui notes. "The products should be durable and suitable for use over a long period of time. Certainly, good cost controls are also essential to maintain competitiveness in the market."

Neon King operates a 13,000-worker, 400,000-square-foot factory in Zhuhai on the Chinese mainland. Here, it keeps a careful watch on both quality and costs and takes great care of even the most basic lighting components such as glass tubes.

"With well-trained employees using the latest technology in manufacturing, we can guarantee prompt delivery of quality products to ensure total customer satisfaction," Tsui says.

As part of this enlightened management policy, Neon King maintains a close relationship between management and employees to promote a better understanding of their mutual needs. "This creates a win-win situation for both sides. Rewards are based on performance and we pay good attention to the welfare of employees," Tsui concludes.


Neon King Ltd

Rms 1621-22A,
Star House, 3 Salisbury Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2873-3887
Fax: 852-2873-6382
Email: info@neonking.com.hk
Web: www.neonking.com.hk